NEW: Joe Biden Campaign Post Says 'We Know Who Donald Trump Is.' We Know Who You Are Too, Joe.

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You have to give the Biden campaign credit for consistency; every time they release a statement, something dumb comes out. I can't really blame old Joe for this, as we all know he's no longer capable of managing a social media feed - he's barely capable of negotiating a pudding cup. But the campaign and his White House staff have been responsible for some real howlers. 


On Thursday, though, they came out with an X post, that I'm sure someone, somewhere, thought was clever:

Well, well, well. Yes, Mr. President - or, to be precise, whoever actually wrote this - we know who Donald Trump is. He's not a model made of marble. He is gruff, often insensitive, bombastic, and egotistical. He also oversaw a vibrant economy, brokered a historic Middle Eastern peace deal, and didn't, for once, get the United States involved in any foreign wars that are none of our business.

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But the second part of that statement is the fun part. Who are we? Well, we know who we are, Mr. President. We know who you are, too.

To put it bluntly: President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is dishonest, venal, incurious, not terribly intelligent, and now suffering from an undeniable physical and mental deterioration. At his best, Joe Biden's corruption - the back-door deals with China and Ukraine, in which his ne'er-do-well son Hunter acted as a money launderer - made the Clintons look like rank amateurs. This president could have given lessons in arrogant presumption to Marie-Antoinette.


This is a man who would have made Huey Long look like a real straight-shooter. He is, in one befuddled, shambling, inarticulate package, a perfect representation of everything that is wrong with American politics today. His Senate career made him a poster child for term limits (really, the people of Delaware ought to be ashamed of themselves), and his term as vice president enabled him to use Ukraine and China, probably other countries as well, as his personal ATM. His former boss, the former president, Barack Obama, famously said of his veep that there wasn't "...anything Joe can't f**k up," and he was right - although President Biden does have one skill; extracting large amounts of money and funneling payments through hundreds of bank accounts and shell corporations.

So, yes, Mr. President. We know who we are. We know who you are, too. That's why you must be voted out of office in November. You've done enough damage already; damage that will take years to repair. You are, without a doubt, the worst president in American history. That's who you are.

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