Rachel Maddow Has Valuable Advice for Joe Biden's Reelection Effort: 'Run a Better Campaign'

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There's an old saw that is often levied on the left when their socialist policies fail (see: San Francisco) that they always claim that the failed effort "wasn't real socialism" and that it will all work if they can just get the right Top Men in charge, and socialism harder. 


MSNBC's Rachel Maddow has leveraged this into presidential election advice. She has now offered the floundering Biden reelection campaign some valuable advice: that to win, they just need to "run a better campaign" and "fight harder."

Thank you, Rachel, for belaboring the obvious. But there's a problem: It's their campaign that got them to this point in the first place.

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow said she believes President Joe Biden’s backup plan for the 2024 election is to “run a better campaign” and “fight harder.”

The View host Alyssa Farah Griffin prompted the comments when she asked if replacing Biden as the presidential nominee was an option for the Democratic Party. Maddow argued that Biden’s record as president is enough for him to beat former President Donald Trump, though she acknowledged the upcoming election will be “a tough fight” for the incumbent.

“I think the backup plan is run a better campaign,” Maddow said. “Joe Biden’s record as a president is a very, very strong record. We are the economic envy of the world. Doesn’t mean our economy is perfect, but literally, we are the envy of the world. We have a better situation than anybody. We’ve got unemployment rates we haven’t seen in generations, we’ve got economic growth that any major country in the world would kill for.”


Rachel can rave on until her Clark Kent glasses steam up, but that won't add a bit of truth to any of those statements; Joe Biden's record as president would make Andrew Johnson breathe a sigh of relief, our economy is cratering, we've lost the petrodollar deal and probably the dollar's place as the world's reserve currency, inflation is high, interest rates are high, gas is four bucks a gallon and people are taking out third and fourth mortgages to pay for groceries. Our unemployment rates are only good if you include part-time workers because full-time jobs haven't recovered from the COVID-19 mess, and our economic growth is anemic.

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But oh, that advice! That advice! Seriously, Rachel — "Run a better campaign?" "Fight harder?" 

Rachel, were you with Leonidas at Thermopylae, would you have counseled him to "stick spears in more Persians," or would you have just told him to "fight harder"? 


If you were advising Robert E. Lee in the spring of 1865, would you have told him, "I have the perfect backup plan; you just have to shoot more Yankees"?

What advice would you have given Walter Mondale in 1984, Rachel? "Run a better campaign — you just need to get more people to vote for you!"

Rachel Maddow may be one of the best unintentional comedians around today, but she's outdone herself this time. This one was, as my grandfather used to say, a real knee-slapper.



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