Hunter Biden's Baby Mama, Lunden Roberts, Speaks on His Conviction

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On Tuesday, Lunden Roberts, the mother of ne'er-do-well First Son Hunter Biden's daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, released a statement following Hunter's Delaware conviction on firearms charges. 


Lunden Alexis Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s 4-year-old daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, released a statement following Hunter's guilty verdict Tuesday:

"I respect the legal process and the verdict reached in Hunter Biden's gun trial. It is crucial that justice is served and that all individuals are held accountable for their actions, regardless of their status," Roberts said.

"This verdict serves as a reminder that the law applies to everyone equally. As the mother of Hunter's child, my primary concern has always been the well-being and future of our daughter. It is my hope that the resolution of these legal matters allows for a more stable and positive environment for her upbringing,"she said.

That much is pretty much a "press release" boilerplate that one expects to see around any such conviction. It's a fair bet that she is concerned about the possible loss of income from child-support payments, which would presumably be difficult for Hunter to make if, by any chance, he ends up in the crowbars.

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The rest of her statement is where her primary concerns become known.

"I remain committed to ensuring that her (Navy's) needs are met and that she is provided with the love, support, and security she deserves. Moving forward, I hope for a future where we can all focus on her best interests and work towards a peaceful resolution for our family," she added.

Lunden Roberts is in something of an unenviable position here.

Leaving aside her judgment in her initial choice of careers (and lovers,) she is today the mother of a daughter she loves and whose welfare she wants to ensure. The father of her daughter has gone to great lengths to avoid not only supporting his daughter by Miss Roberts but even to acknowledge her. Joe and Jill Biden, Navy's grandparents, have never seen her. The president talks a big game about doting on his grandchildren, but somehow, Navy doesn't ever seem to be included in said doting.

The whole thing says a lot about the Bidens, mostly in their public vs. private personas. Most of us who have children and grandchildren would not be separated from them for all the tea in China; that's one of the defining things about being a parent or grandparent. Instead, all Navy Joan seems to have from her father are child-support checks, and from her grandparents, a cold shoulder. When it comes to family ties, the Bidens seem to be nothing but talk, especially where Navy Joan is concerned. What's more, her mother's press release seems a kind of forlorn statement, lost in all the hoo-raw of a president's son convicted on gun charges.


Children are not responsible for the sins of their parents. For Navy, we can feel nothing but sympathy — but at least she seems to have a mother who cares about her.

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