'It's the End of Democracy as We Know It!'

The Left claims that the GOP stole the Wisconsin election because they outspent the Dems by eleventy bazillion dollars. That’s how the union bosses, the Occupiers and the party leadership rationalize Tuesday’s failure.


They don’t dare accept the notion that it was their ideas, their ideology and their tactics that were rejected at the polls. They chose the battlefield, the weapons and the timing. They chose poorly.

Dollar bills don’t vote. People vote.

For too long, “Democracy as We Know It” meant secret ballots. If a little friendly arm-twisting dislocated your elbow, brother, maybe you’ll learn to be a smarter voter before the next election. Oh, by the way, pay your dues.

“Democracy as We Know It” meant that you didn’t have join a union, unless you wanted to work. “Right to Work”? Where in the First Amendment does it say that you have a right not to assemble? Oh, by the way, pay your dues.

“Democracy as We Know It” tolerated a back-scratching arrangement between public sector union bosses and the Democratic elected officials who “negotiated” their collective bargaining agreements. And vote the donkey, brother. We will be watching. Oh, by the way, pay your dues.


“Democracy as We Know It” meant legislators would slink out of state to deny a quorum to the people’s duly elected representatives.

“Democracy as We Know It” meant no ballot box integrity. What an affront that a Citizen! of these United States! be asked to identify Him- or Herself! Or only vote once!

“Democracy as We Know It” meant physical occupation of the halls of government and public places by a Leninist/anarchist mob who knew they couldn’t muster the votes. This crowd is too stupid to grok the irony of their Che Guevara designer tees.

Yes, if Tuesday’s vote marks the end of “Democracy as We Know It”, then I feel fine.

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