OPINION: Michigan GOP and Pete Hoekstra Make Moves to Get Party Ready for November

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On this beautiful Sunday before Memorial Day, it looks like the state of Michigan and its Republican Party have finally moved the ship in the right direction and are ready to contend to win some statewide seats on the ballot and down-ticket ones this November.


The election is just a mere 163 days from today; it is not a moment too soon.

This article right HERE alerted me that the mess left by Kristina Karamo is being handled by Pete Hoekstra and his team. I will go over how and why this has to happen in a moment, but here is the good news for November: 

Michigan GOP Chairman Pete Hoekstra said in a letter to the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday that his administration has launched a "comprehensive audit" of the state party's finances and expects it will have to remedy problems with past fundraising disclosures.

"This audit is critical to ensuring the accuracy and integrity of our reports," Hoekstra wrote in the letter. "As we gather additional information through this audit, we fully anticipate filing amendments to clarify and correct the reports previously submitted under my predecessor."

The message to the commission, which is in charge of regulating campaign finance at the national level, appeared to be Hoekstra's first formal step toward attempting to rectify a series of inaccuracies in required reports that were filed under former Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Kristina Karamo.

The Federal Election Commission can impose fines on committees, like the Michigan Republican Party, for filing valid information late.


 The article goes on to explain just part of the serious mess that Karamo left: 

There were also concerns about whether her administration accurately reported the party's financial activities, such as how it funded a leadership conference on Mackinac Island last year and how it handled other expenditures, including paying a business associated with one of her political supporters.

Karamo didn't immediately respond Wednesday to a request for comment.

I have not been a member of the Michigan GOP in good standing since George H.W. Bush ran in '91 or '92. I have worked for individual candidates from that time to now, but the party and its direction or lack thereof has always been a concern to me.

Karamo also ended up not explaining how $113,588 was spent on computers; Now that she is gone, Pete and his staff need to clear that up.

People who claim to support Donald Trump, like Karamo and her camp did, sure as hell in reality seemed as if they were doing the Democrats' work within the party that is supposed to support Trump. In politics, actions always speak louder than words, no matter how charming the individual is or how often they tell you that they pray.


Action equals Reality, and if you do not follow that simple formula, you will get burned.  

That the current team, led by former Trump Ambassador Hoekstra has to spend time cleaning up basic bookkeeping is an annoyance. Yet, this is another sign that the party can lay the groundwork for statewide Republican victories this November.

It's only 163 days till the election in November. I feel much more confident than I did two months ago that Donald Trump can pull a rabbit out of his hat in this state like he did in 2016.


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