I'm Cool With Jim Jordan Not Becoming Speaker and My Reasoning Is Sound

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I would imagine that Jim Jordan is a tad bit disappointed Friday that his fellow Republicans finally decided to end his dream of becoming speaker after three attempts.


Running for a congressional seat is probably much harder -- physically -- than running around a district of 600,000 people and playing nice. Yet, losing a contest to lead your peers of a little over 200 -- mentally -- has to sting a little bit. Comfortable in the fact that I know that I'll never run for office, I can't say I can really imagine how Jordan feels, having never met the man or talked to too many people who know him.

Yet I'm here with a message of encouragement I'm actually happy that Jim Jordan will not become the next Speaker of the House because I'm pretty darn certain Jim Jordan is right where he needs to be at this moment in time in the history of the United States of America. 

As RedState reported earlier, Jim got the news Friday that his attempt at gaining the gavel was taken away from him by his fellow Republicans. BREAKING: House Republicans Vote to Drop Jim Jordan as Speaker Nominee

From that article...

The revelation comes on the heels of a third round of voting in which Jordan lost even more support than he had in previous rounds of voting.

With a final vote total of 194, GOP nominee Jim Jordan (R-OH) lost ground, garnering five fewer votes than he had in the second round. House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) once again received all 210 Democrat votes. Others who received GOP votes in Friday morning's round include previous nominee Steve Scalise (R-LA), who garnered eight votes, and former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who netted six.  

CNN Capitol Hill reporter Melanie Zanona indicated in a post on X, formerly Twitter, that voting will conclude for the day and that other candidates “will have until noon Sunday to file to run.”


Of course, this is not the smoothest move, and look, for the GOP -- with just 12-and-a-half months to go until a national election for not only the President but all of their seats. I don't think this is the end of the world, as I wrote the other day here. GRUDGE MATCH: House Republicans Once Again Decide on Not Electing a Speaker

Maybe calling for a vote to vacate the Speaker Chair without a clear-cut plan was not as smooth a move as taking Ex-Lax when you're constipated as some thought. Because now it seems that a personality conflict between Kevin McCarthy and Matt Gaetz has spilled out into a bunch of simmering conflicts that the vast majority of us who are political junkies did not know about. 

How else do you explain that Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan both received fewer votes from their own caucus than Kevin McCarthy did when he was booted two weeks ago?

Hell of a time for some ax-grinding, I got to tell you that.

Inherently I have no issue with what is being done right now in the House of Representatives and, furthermore, how Kevin McCarthy was originally picked as Speaker back in January with 15 ballots to finally get him the gavel. Gridlock and angst were part of the Founders' plan for all three branches of the United States government. Going a bit further, the House and the Senate were always supposed to be at each other's throats, neither allowing one to be more powerful than the other.

We are actually watching right now the Founders' dream come true. 

The ax-grinding will continue but another person will be the Speaker of the House.


This is why I’m just fine as wine in the summertime that Jim Jordan, with the Republican majority right now in the House, will still be the Chairperson of the House Judiciary Committee. 

That means he gets to set the agenda for the committee and for whom they get to subpoena and call before said committee, and also leads the questioning. As evidenced in the video below when, just last month, he laid out a case that Attorney General Merrick Garland had been possibly weaponizing the Justice Department.

Take a look for yourself.


I really don't want that guy sitting on a perch, high at the top of the House, trying to wrangle cats.

I want him right in the chair that he's in now, doing the homework, grilling the people that need to be grilled, and leading the committee that is going to lay the groundwork to damage Biden and the Democrats going into the election of 2024. 

I love him in that chair, I NEED HIM IN THAT CHAIR.

As I said above, I don't think this is the worst thing that could happen. However, this is another clear-cut example of how every action has a reaction, and sometimes this is not thought through.

My colleague Brandon Morse, right here in the VIP section, had a view that I slightly disagreed with, and I encourage you to read his piece. At This Point, It's Not Matt Gaetz's Fault There's No Speaker of the House.

Gaetz clearly did not think this through because it was a personal thing between him and McCarthy, and that was definitely shown last January. Yet, one of the concessions that the people who held out on the first couple of ballots got from McCarthy was the ability to vacate the chair with just one person. I agreed with that decision then, and I still agree with it now.

However, it was clear that Gaetz had a personal grudge against McCarthy and thought anybody else could be the speaker. 

The vast majority of the conference disagreed, and now Matt Gates is going to take the brunt of that abuse. That's part of the deal when you make a decision that you might not have actually thought all the consequences through. 


You take the adulation with the hate and the longer this goes, the more hate Gaetz is gonna get.

Yet, let me reiterate one last time, as I did in a piece earlier this month: nothing is going to change no matter who the Speaker of the House is.

You are still going to have continuing resolutions pass because the Senate isn't going to separate those out.

There is not a politician elected on Capitol Hill right now who gives a damn about the 33 trillion dollars in debt. Because if they did, they would be honest with you and tell you what they have to do to Social Security and Medicare in just a couple of years. Former politicians will tell you, but not the current ones.

Neither Republican nor Democrat is talking about that and until they do, that's when I'll know we can start taking them seriously.

Congressman Jordan, I know you're disappointed but I truly do believe you are exactly where God wants you at this moment, and I hope you continue to do the fabulous job you've done for a number of years -- both in the majority position and the minority position -- grilling those that need to be grilled.

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