Some People Still Believe It's Joe Biden's Decision Whether He'll Stay in the Presidential Race

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File this story right under "things I believe that could be construed as a conspiracy theory but are just plain common sense."

Occasionally I get locked into a subject that I find interesting, and because I do find it fascinating or entertaining, I will trip across other articles about said subject. This usually happens with sports more often than not, but this time it has happened with something in the political world involving whether Joe Biden will be on the 2024 ticket as the Democrats' presidential nominee.


Now let me make it clear I'm not stating that anything bad is going to happen to him that involves him dying in office or him being hurt somehow. I truly believe it will be due to the Democrats, who play the game of politics much more ruthlessly than the Republicans could ever dream of, whispering in Joe Biden's ear and saying time for Scranton Joe to go.

I wrote about this the other day when I was doing a follow-up from another RedState article about a prediction that Nate Silver over at 538 had made that the Democrats were running out of time to replace Biden on the ticket.

Nate Silver Says a Biden 2024 Nomination Is Near Inevitable; I Think He Is Wrong

From that article.

Let's just go on the theory that the Democrats did interfere or CHEAT in the election of 2020.

They occupied the press with the bogus Russian conspiracy hoax, from the minute Donald Trump was inaugurated until the minute he left office on January 20, 2021.

They then had four years to cook up how they were going to mess up the 2020 election and make sure that a feeble near-imbecile would be able to beat somebody who was able to gain more votes than he did four years prior (against the heir apparent, Hillary Clinton).

They utilized those four years of exile and then refuted every attempt to try to prove otherwise after the 2020 election. Here we are, almost 13 months away from the next presidential election, and they see what we see. They see an old man tottering and teetering ...

  • who's having trouble figuring out if he has his pants on.
  • Who messes up words worse than a 2-year-old who is at least making an honest effort to communicate clearly;
  • Who can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, in the middle of some of the world's most important meetings with the most important leaders, and take a solid nap.

Do you honestly think that the party that worked as hard as they did, and the people behind the scenes that orchestrated it, are just going to sit there and hand it off to whoever the GOP nominee eventually will be?


Skip all the conspiracy theories and stuff that you hear about any number of things.

I think anybody who's taking the time to read an article on these pages understands that over the past 20 to 30 years, the Democrats have played an unusually different version of hardball to win their political objectives. 

A case in point is that when I hear people demean Nancy Pelosi for her political acumen, I always shake my head. You can disagree with Pelosi all day long on 98.7 percent of her agenda, but she is a political animal that I wish some Republicans in leadership would model themselves after. 

Remember, she passed the Obama health care bill that overhauled the American medical system, full well knowing the Democrats and herself would be booted out of power in 2010. She shrewdly hung on to her leadership position until she was able to regain the gavel eight years later. 

Dedication to principles and goals is something the Democrats excel at and the Republicans often fall short of.

So when I read a piece about how Joe Biden was still with it enough to make the decision whether to run right here from a left-of-center outlet, I could not stop laughing.

Many Democrats are skittish ahead of the 2024 election when it comes to President Joe Biden. He will be the top of their ticket, barring a sudden health issue or something else that might trigger the very unlikely announcement that a sitting president will not seek re-election. 

The skittishness about Biden usually comes down to the president's age (80) or his modest polling. But the gist is that many within the Democratic Party realize that Donald Trump could actually win this thing and the stakes are too high to gamble on it, and want to find someone more electable to run.

This desire misses a critical thing: Joe Biden has been in this situation before and has heard that advice, and listened to it against his own instincts. Then the worst loss for the Democratic Party in decades ensued, and the legacy of the Obama-Biden administration was trashed. When this happened in the lead-up to 2016, Joe Biden was objectively right on the money and everyone who told him not to run was utterly wrong. Not only that, but Biden then went on to win and triumph over Trump just four years later in precisely the manner he had pitched originally and been ignored.


The skittishness that Democrats have is not that Joe Biden is 80 or because of his quote-unquote modest polling numbers, it's that he's failing on almost every level as president of the United States.

Joe Biden has long been known up on Capitol Hill as a decent guy to have a beer with (even if he is a teetotaler), but he was an idiot from day one. He's never been particularly smart, he has lied about his academic record (which the Trump campaign highlighted in an ad during the 2020 campaign but for some reason did not focus on throughout the whole race). His making-up things and plagiarism are things of legend.

Just yesterday, he lied about convincing former South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond about something years after Strom DIED.

That "60 Minutes" did NOT edit that is further proof to me that the green light has been given to send Joe to the nearest ice cream shop for early retirement.

The nonsense that he was always the last person in the room with Barack Obama was generally because the 44th President would ask Joe to get him a cup of coffee or to go get then-Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett. Joe was not relied upon for his advice because, during his whole Senate career, his judgment sucked.


Biden's instincts always lead him to mess up, which is why he wasn't encouraged in 2016 to run, and Hillary Clinton was favored. 

If you think otherwise, then you must think that Barack Obama was an absolute idiot and didn't know that Joe was the Big Guy in Hunter's extracurricular activities. The former president had to have known that the Hunter was trying to enrich the Biden family because Joe would be riding off into the sunset after all his time in D.C.

Sometimes rational comic Bill Maher got it half right the other day in an article posted here: Bill Maher and His Writers Seem to Think Joe Biden Is Sane but Should Not Run Because Trump Can Beat Him. Maher:

If you ask me, do I think Joe Biden can do the job of president? My answer is an unequivocal yes. He can do the job. Do I love everything? No. But that’s every president. But government work is done in small, quiet rooms like the Oval Office. And in that setting, Joe’s compassion and centuries of experience are pluses, and he’s generally made good decisions that got us out of Afghanistan, handled Ukraine, kept the economy chugging, finally got us rebuilding, infrastructure returned a sense of normalcy. There is a term for Joe Biden, but not two. 

Because while he can do the job, what he can’t do is run for it.

Out of all that verbal diarrhea, the only part he got right was this.

There is a term for Joe Biden, but not two. Because while he can do the job, what he can’t do is run for it.


He can't run for the second term because his first term has been an unmitigated disaster, just like his 40-plus-odd years in government.

The Democrats worked too hard between 2017 and 2020 to figure out how to defeat Donald Trump. They are not going to allow Joe Biden to throw all that work away and possibly hand the keys of the Oval Office back to 45. The Democrats are too ruthless and too good at this game to half-ass any of this.

Joe Biden will not be the nominee for the Democrats next year.

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