The Country Is on Fire and Robert Gates Wants Us to Get Along With the Arsonists

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Do you ever read a story or comments from someone who overall seems to be a nice person from what you can tell, but what they say is not based on our current reality and you want to shoot a T.V. like Elvis Presley did back in the day?


Me neither. However, I did have a dream about that once but that story is for another time.

As I was perusing the fine articles here at RedState today from my colleagues I came across an article about an interview the former Defense Secretary under President Bush and President Obama gave Sunday. I read in amazement Robert Gates’ thoughts on the current political climate in my colleague Bob Hoge’s piece earlier today and linked right here. From that article…

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates Reveals the Biggest Threat to the USA, and It’s Not China

Robert Gates, who served as Secretary of Defense under Presidents Bush and Obama from 2006-2011, appeared on “Face the Nation” Sunday and told moderator Margaret Brennan that he thinks the biggest threat to the nation isn’t white supremacy, it’s not China or Russia or climate change—it’s the political polarization of our country. It’s not the first time we’ve been so divided, he says, but there’s something new about our latest rifts:

MARGARET BRENNAN: What do you think the biggest threat to United States is right now?

FORMER SEC. GATES: I think it is the polarization in the country. And, you know, we’ve always had polarization in America.

The, if you go back to the Jefferson, Adams presidential race in 1800, the things that were said in that election would fit right into a current political environment. But what’s been different, more recently, is not just a measure of paralysis, as indicated by the debt ceiling, but a level of meanness and a lack of civility among our politicians, or the sense that somebody who disagrees with you is not just somebody you disagree with, but is an enemy, is a bad person.


I fully understand the sentiment that Gates is trying to express here. In fact, he’s a perfect example of that ideal being that he was President Bush’s defense secretary after Donald Rumsfeld was sacked and stayed on to help the newly elected President Barack Obama in 2009.

Yet we are no longer in 2009. In fact, just since the Biden Administration has taken over we are in a landscape and a country that many of us no longer truly recognize.

Not that Secretary Gates did not warn us about Biden back in 2014 in his memoir when he said this

Cooper pointed out a part in the book where Gates called Biden a man of integrity but wrote that he believes he’s “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Biden has been wrong on everything since he took the Oval Office also but I digress.

How are we supposed to work in a bipartisan way with people who are defending the right of biological men to say they are spiritual women? As Sales Continue to Plunge, Bud Light Faces Displeasure on Both Sides of Its Controversy.

Or people who support kids having their private parts cut off: Oklahoma Children’s Hospital Ends Mutilation of ‘Transgender’ Kids After State Threatens to Pull Millions.


Oh and won’t cut spending a dime while wanting to raise our debt ceiling to unimaginable heights back when Gates was at the Department of Defense. Joe Biden Gets Lost Again, Tells Reporter to ‘Shush up’ Before Incoherent Rant on the Debt Ceiling

Lastly, the whole border being invaded on a daily basis means the time for sitting down for a chat expired a while ago.

The point about the election of 1800 where President Adams faced off against Vice President Jefferson is something that is correctly pointed out as one of the nastiest campaigns in this nation’s history. That was only the fourth national election under our current constitution and it set a tone for elections going forward until this day. However, the one glaring difference between that election and all the elections since, and the people that were facing off against each other on what path to take the country, is this:

They did not have irrational ideas based on a lack of Common Sense. How can anyone say sit down and try to hammer on an agreement with people who are not dealing with reality as it is?

You can’t.

That Gates seems to miss the whole reason that Donald Trump has a loyal base that will defend him on anything is because of all the things listed above and the Russian Collusion hoax tells me all I need to know about his advice given.


We should ignore it.

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