Maybe We Should Feel Bad for CNN's Very Own Brian Stelter — Maybe

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God bless CNN.

Here we are in the very beginning of February, and in the semi-great state of Michigan, winter is just digging in its heels. That rodent in Pennsylvania said we had another six weeks of this crap, and it seems like it will be much longer, as it always does.

Yet here we have CNN imploding, to help with the winter doldrums and I should be absolutely thrilled — which I am — but I kinda feel bad for Brian Stelter.

I know, I might have bumped my head. Yet if you actually watch the guy doing his “analysis,” you should feel bad also. He is not very good at spin, and man, did he do some spinning last week.

From his hot take on why Joe Rogan is a danger to real journalists like him to his absolutely disgusting fawning over disgraced former CNN President Jeff Zucker, Stelter must have been sick from spinning on the merry-go-round on the CNN playground. Yikes, maybe the playground crack is a bit too soon, with some of what has come out about those folks in the past couple of months at the “World Wide Leader” in creepy news about those who work there.


Stelter has been so bad for so long, we all just go about our lives and don’t think much about it, but last week, that super hot spotlight shone brightly off his dome and really highlighted how truly bad he is. When my colleague Brad Slager opined here at RedState with this post, it made me just want to hug the tater.As CNN’s President Is Chased From His Office, Stelter and Darcy Attempt to Polish the Wreckage

During one of his appearances today, Stelter commented on the events leading to this, noting Andrew Cuomo, his brother Chris, and ultimately Zucker’s demise revealed a remarkable domino effect. What this seems to indicate is that a series of unfortunate mishaps led to this. In truth, what we see is a self-created scandal of Zucker’s own doing. He permitted the ethical lapse in journalism by allowing the Cuomo brothers’ comedy routine on the air, which became a way to enhance the governor’s image amid his own scandals. But now, we can start to see the machinations.

Slager continues with his verbal depantsing of the potato, showing how off-center Stelter is, when he brings up in his analysis of Zucker leaving, that he also has to bring up Fox News…

The approach turned Zucker into a villain for Trump, with the then-president lashing out at him during his years in office. Zucker also became a regular boogeyman in right-wing media, with Fox hosts viciously attacking him in prime time.

This is just one of the many examples of why I just feel bad for this schlub. How in the hell do you connect the dots of ‘CNN is on fire because the head honcho just got caught playing sexual reindeer games with a subordinate after tanking your ratings’ annnnnnnd Fox News has what to do with this?

Did the ghost of Roger Ailes make him do it?

I could do at least two or three posts just on this type of analysis that Stelter has been peddling since he was handpicked by Zucker to replace the incredibly competent Howard Kurtz who left CNN for Fox. The video clips are damn near endless of him saying things that make the actual reality of the world we all live in seem like some sort of odd sci-fi movie as seen through his glassy eyes.

I do not know this fella’s history and why Zucker pulled him out of the broom closet for anything other than arranging brooms, but as a caring member of the human race, I feel sad for him. Why do the folks running CNN allow him to go out, day after day, to play journalist and say things that even they are laughing at? Rumor is now that the laughter has stopped, and that “insiders” at the former Ted Turner gem are calling for Stelter to be axed, julienne-style, and deep-fried.

If Brian happens to read this, what that means is: they want to fire and deep fry your ass.

Possibly, if he had not been pelted repeatedly during dodge ball in gym class, this could have been avoided. I know I wasn’t the most gifted athlete back in the day, but the couple of shots I took to the head have not affected me nearly as badly as it has Tater. How I know this is that I say things on the radio and on video shows in an attempt to be funny,

Stelter is serious about the crap he says.

Now, I always try to not root for someone to get canned, and I hope that Stelter gets the closet gig back at CNN, when the new leadership comes in and rearranges the lineup. Yet living in a world where the sky is blue and Donald Trump damn near broke everyone emotionally over at CNN, I think the writing is on the wall, according to “sources” at the network.

I don’t want this to happen but I fear it will, and thus, I feel bad for the fella.

Let me close with one video that, still to this day, just encapsulates how bad Stelter is at his analysis job. Here he is, talking with the media’s one-time crush in form of Michael Avenatti. The other loudmouth baldy just recently learned that he will be busy for the next couple of Presidential elections Michael Avenatti Puts His 2024 Presidential Campaign on Hold, as He’s Found Guilty of Defrauding Stormy Daniels of $300,000.

And looking ahead to 2020, one reason I’m taking you seriously as a contender is because of your presence on cable news.

You complain about the candidate who won in 2016 for getting too much coverage on cable news, but like this guy because of his presence on cable news.

Damn, he sure does make it hard to feel bad for him.


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