NPR Tries to Explain the 'Let's Go, Brandon' Chant, Crashes Hindenburg-Style

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You have to give National Public Radio, otherwise known as NPR, a li’l credit sometimes, yet this is NOT one of those times. They felt the need to explain that the “Let’s Go, Brandon” chant might not be a compliment to the current, confused occupant of the Oval Office.

Really, guys? Are you running out of stories about seals in the artic?

Usually, they do puff pieces on the Biden family like my colleague Brad Slager covered here with this piece NPR Meekly Corrects Some Facts on Their ‘Tiger Beat’ Puff Piece on Hunter Biden as the Press Continues Debasing Themselves. Now they are moving on down as I found out today.

So I was skipping through Twitter today and ran across this tweet and it brought me to a full stop. Possibly someone over the age of 100 might not know the phenom of chanting L.G.B. but I’m gonna give that even a 50/50 chance.

No one is really cheering on a guy named Brandon. Instead, the phrase is being used in conservative circles in place of a more vulgar message directed at President Biden.

Do you mean to tell me that NO ONE is really cheering on a guy named Brandon? You don’t say. Just the first part of this tweet is reeking with that NPR arrogance that you can tell is full of disgust they have to cover such a non-worthy story. The article is the same but they are unintentionally funny.

From the article

If you’ve heard people chanting “Let’s go, Brandon!” or seen someone with a shirt or hat sporting the seemingly-jovial message lately, you might be wondering who Brandon is and why so many people are rooting for him.

In this case, the phrase isn’t actually supporting a guy named Brandon. Instead, it’s a euphemism that many people in conservative circles are using in place of saying “F*** Joe Biden.”

The origins of the meme go back to Oct. 2, when race car driver Brandon Brown won his first NASCAR Xfinity Series race and was being interviewed by NBC reporter Kelli Stavast. In the background, some in the crowd can be heard chanting “F*** Joe Biden,” though Stavast says “you can hear the chants from the crowd, ‘Let’s go, Brandon!’ ” in her broadcast.

It remains unclear if Stavast misheard what the crowd was saying or if she purposely tried to change the message.

The poor NPR guppies that wrote this must be so horrified with that opening of the article. They had to explain to their audience what this was and what it really meant and crush their readers’ hopes and dreams of everyone loving Joe Biden. If I try really hard I can almost feel their pain in typing this.


The Biden administration has done something that most new administrations take years to do and that is to flip the public against them in less than 12 months. They can no longer blame Trump or any other boogeyman for this either. They are crashing the economy with rising inflation and energy prices. They made an absolute mess out of the pullout of Afghanistan and our relations with our allies overseas are worse than they were before January 20th of this year, and the cherry on top of the crap sundae is COVID.

Team Biden went from not trusting that damn Trump vaccine as candidates to now not only taking it but supporting forcing businesses and government to make you do so. Plus the boosters and the shots for kids as young as 5 years old. The country was not promised any of this last November and we are not happy.

That is why people of all walks of life from sea to shining sea are chanting “Let’s go, Brandon!” in place of “F$%^ Joe Biden!” I know this is a bit of a shocker to the folks over at NPR who believe that Washington D.C. and other satellite large cities on the coasts are truly the only places that matter.

The people at NPR have probably spent some hard days wondering how this has all gone wrong and they had to write this piece just as much for themselves as their audience. Mostly because their audience is not made up of the rubes that are working in their newsroom. Hopefully, they were able to console themselves about the uprising going on in the heartland so far away from the left coast and the other left coast.

Those dreams of a Biden utopia have come crashing down like the Hindenburg of old and I hope, just like the blimp industry after that disaster never recovered, the left-wing rubes never recover either. Maybe to say it another way is…

Let’s Go, Brandon.



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