New York Is on Fire With Cuomogate so Let's Check in on What Trouble AOC Is In

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We all know about the mess that Andrew Cuomo has made of New York and the political situation there. Where once non-thriving streets and meadows were run by a hugely egotistical faux effective Governor, they are now run by a mumbly mouthed hugely ineffective Governor.

The difference is, well nothing really.

Now that the bully with the legacy name and a couple of Kennedy kids and a brother named Fredo is on his way out the door, there is a bit of a political vacuum in the Empire State. As we also know if there is anyone who knows about making messes that would need to be cleaned up that would be A.O.C. who is the super-duper star representative from NY-14.

Political vacuums need to be filled and our gal is up to the challenge, I bet.

So, just a brief look at her Twitter account and she made a video last week that explained what a great deal the last stimulus plan was. In parts of the video that has been watched almost a million times, she seems to be yelling back at people asking what they want to drink but she is enthusiastic.

Don’t take my word for it–  check it out yourself. Pay close attention to the difference (she is not sure) between people making 75k and 80k and notice how she never mentions only 10% of the total package actually goes to COVID-related stuff.

She did also call for Governor SHOVE THEM IN A NURSING HOME Cuomo to resign, but she did it in conjunction with the New York Senators, Schumer and Gillibrand. I’m not going to give her style points for that one.

Yet the biggest thorn in the side of Nancy Pelosi over the past three years has been “The Squad” led by New Yorks’s finest,  AOC,  and during a crisis of leadership amid the Cuomo debacle, she is not offering her saucy advice. This makes one wonder aloud, what gives?

Cortez’s name was bounced around quite a bit, after the Democrats barely kept the House in Nov 2020, as someone who was ready to move up. When she came out and publicly pushed back on the narrative that Democrats had lost seats because of progressives she had a snappy answer:

Democrats lost because they didn’t spend enough on Facebook. From Business Insider

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told the New York Times in an interview that the reason Democrats lost seats in the Senate and the House is that they didn’t invest as much in digital advertising as Republican candidates did.

The congresswoman told the Times that “if you’re not spending $200,000 on Facebook with fund-raising, persuasion, volunteer recruitment, get-out-the-vote the week before the election, you are not firing on all cylinders. And not a single one of these campaigns were firing on all cylinders.”

She said Democratic candidates were “sitting ducks” while Republicans were more actively campaigning online and were vulnerable because “they weren’t even on the mediums where these messages were most potent.”

“Our party isn’t even online, not in a real way that exhibits competence,” Ocasio-Cortez told the Times.

Of course, she was not able to offer any data on those points but hiding or not providing data seems to be a New York type of thing.

Possibly she is thinking of taking on Chuck Schumer who is up for reelection next year. Let’s face it, a cadaver would be more exciting than Chuck Schumer in the Senate for New York, and A.O.C. while not currently dead (thank god) has said some things that made me question if she were fully awake when she said them.

According to Politico, she is given to at least thinking of running in the Dem primary next year. How deep her thinking on this goes is just something we all must ponder.

With Schumer at the helm of the Senate, the prospect of a left-wing challenge next year stands to play a major role in shaping the legislation that comes out of Washington. That applies whether or not Ocasio-Cortez pulls the trigger, at least for the next few months.

The two-term congresswoman is seriously considering campaigning for the seat but is so far undecided, according to people familiar with her thinking. Multiple sources said her decision will be contingent on how Schumer wields power with his new Democratic majority in the upcoming months: Will he be pushed around by Mitch McConnell? Or will he work to pass ambitious, progressive legislation favored by the left?

“It’s dependent on what Schumer does,” said Waleed Shahid, communications director for Justice Democrats, the left-wing group that recruited Ocasio-Cortez to run for Congress, referring to a challenge by her or another progressive candidate. “Schumer will have to explain every one of his decisions to one of the most progressive primary electorates in the country, and if voters think he’s capitulating to Mitch McConnell and not organizing his caucus to deliver for working families, then he’s going to be in some trouble.”

Hold up, Schumer is going to have to explain every one of his decisions he has made until next year? He looks like a guy that forgot where he put his sandwich just after setting it on his lap.

Now, maybe she is lying in wait just ready to spring the trap of taking Chuck out to the woodshed, being New York is a progressive cesspool and she is the queen of spouting those talking points. If she loves Washington D.C. a lot, then being Senator AOC has a much nicer ring to it than just Congresslady AOC.

Yet how about this?

As the brother of Fredo is either done this year by removal or next year by his term ending, he is done. Politically, Cuomo is sleeping with the fishes. So why not have the lady from Brooklyn run for Governor next year and finish the job that Andrew has been working on for the past 11 years?

Making New Yorkers become Floridians or Texans.

Stranger things have happened, folks.


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