Let's Hope the Trump Presidential Library Has a Section Mocking the Impeachment Sham

I’m feeling that the possibility of the title above will truly happen. I’m almost as sure of this as that Joe Biden is going to say something really dumb in front of a T.V. camera and the press will excuse it away as some sort of mindless brilliance.


I have written here before that Donald Trump would actually become a bit of a tour de force if he so chooses in his post Presidency life. So far, almost a week into this new phase for him, he is right on track to start using his massive influence on the political scene with the announcement of ‘Office of Former President’. Even the name itself is driving the left and Never Trump batty, which is a grand thing.

So now that the former President has clearly indicated he is NOT going away, he also will need to dedicate his time to doing something that the former Presidents all get to do, which is build a library that will store their official documents from their presidency.

I really can’t wait for this and I have a suggestion. Mock the impeachment nonsense and dedicate a whole floor or wing to it. I know it won’t be that hard, being the Democrats made this so damn easy, and after this second nonsensical impeachment was sent to the Senate yesterday, the jokes are damn near writing themselves.

Just imagine all the fun that could be had with Chinese spy boinker Eric Swalwell, being he was named by San Fran Nan to the House Impeachment Team. You would only include a human mud puddle like that if you were truly serious about the well being of the country — or maybe not.

If you recall the first impeachment was sold to us as the way to remedy the OBVIOUS Russian collusion that happened in the 2016 Presidential campaign to help Donald Trump. When the Mueller report came out and all of a sudden there was Z-E-R-O proof of that, the Democrats had to pivot super duper quickly and then make up an excuse about a phone call being impeachable. I talked with Byron York about this in his excellent book “Obsession: Inside the Washington Establishment’s Never-Ending War on Trump. and he destroys the reason for the first impeachment with brilliant reporting of how it happened factually.


This second impeachment that was put together in the amount of time that Nancy Pelosi spends getting her hair done in her home district without wearing a mask and is an even bigger fiasco. From NPR

The impeachment article says that during an address to supporters on Wednesday, Trump “willfully made statements that, in context, encouraged — and foreseeably resulted in — lawless action at the Capitol, such as: ‘if you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore.’

The part that is missing there is of course ‘if you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore, so go down to the Capitol and burn everything down. All you need now is someone to do a Howard Dean yell and this nonsense is complete.

In context my arse.

Trump should dedicate a significant portion of his library to the mocking of these idiots who seem to think that no one is watching nor has an idea of how words have actual meaning. Hell, if the former President could do it, I would suggest just create a separate library for this fiasco and teach classes on why you should never trust idiots to govern you.

The very people who have been shoving this drivel down our throats are the very ones who seem to think that up is down and boys can be girls or plants or dogs and that is just the way it is. The sheer idiocy of how these people operate should scare you — and hopefully, it does.


A great way to start crushing this nihilism would be for the very guy who took the brunt of it to mock the hell out of it at his library that will stand for the ages.

Don’t you agree? Let me know down below.

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