GOP Committed CHEMICAL WARFARE by Not Wearing Masks Says Clueless Elected Official

Unity is coming but only if you follow the screeds of the illogical, like Representative Ayanna Pressley. I’m pretty sure that is how the narrative goes.

We have heard a number of stories in the aftermath of the events from last Wednesday that have made rational people shake their heads in disbelief and you can file this as one of them. As the events unfolded and Representatives were sent to their safe rooms, the squad member from Massachusetts was horrified to see (GOP) people not wearing masks and decided to storm out, feeling being out in the crowd was a better option.



From The Blaze

“It’s criminal behavior,” Pressley told CNN’s Don Lemon on Thursday. “I don’t know what else to call it.”

“They have been complicit from the very beginning in their willful criminality to carry the water for Donald Trump and these science denials which allowed this pandemic to rage out of control,” she said of Republican lawmakers.

“And then by refusing to wear the masks, this is criminal behavior,” the Democrat alleged. “That’s chemical warfare so far as I’m concerned.”

Chemical Warfare?

I know that emotions are a bit high and sometimes people just rifle off the very first thing that pops into their heads, but not wearing a mask is akin to chemical warfare? I’m not sure the Kurds of northern or southern Iraq of the early ’90s or the Syrians of the last decade would agree, but I digress.

The Biden administration is going to make a feeble attempt of trying to bring the nation together and it will fail in spectacular fashion with comments like these being made. Joe won’t even try to temper language like this being he knows if he does he will be verbally shellacked by the very people in his party that can’t stand him anyway.


The dirty li’l secret in Dem circles is that once the Orange Guy Bad boogeyman is off to Mar-a-Lago, the nincompoop radicals in the new Socialist Democrat Party will start to pressure Joe and Kamala to do every wacky thing that comes across their fertile li’l minds. Biden, Inc. won’t be able to stop them from raising Cain all over the media, being Don Lemon needs RATINGS, BABY! And what better way to do that than by allowing people to say their colleagues are committing chemical warfare by not wearing a mask? I’m sure that this is just the opening salvo and some other crackpot theory that the raging left will bellow will be featured weekly and maybe even daily.

America is in for a bit of a bumpy ride but we will make it through if we do one thing: Continue to use common sense and just point and laugh at these people when they make idiotic statements like this.

The simpletons hate when they are laughed at.

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