Sen. Ted Cruz Tells Critics of His Presidential Election Audit Idea to Calm Down

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Senator Ted Cruz of Texas just fired up the Trump base and the opposition of all things Trump with his statement earlier today on Fox News, where he essentially put his finger to his lips and told critics to SHHHHHHHHHHH. As I wrote here earlier today, this week was going to be a bit of a mess This Tuesday and Wednesday Are Going to Be Bumpy for the United States of America and Ted fired off the gun to start the festivities a bit early.


Personally, I appreciate him for it and I will explain why in a moment, but first here is what the Senator said. From Politico

Speaking on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo,” the Texas senator responded to his critics on both sides of the aisle.

“I think everyone needs to calm down,” he said. “I think we need to tone down the rhetoric. This is already a volatile situation. It’s like a tinderbox and throwing lit matches into it and so I think the kind of hyperbole we’re seeing, the kind of angry language.”

He said that some Democrats had accused him of “treason.”

Critics have pointed out that despite repeated, unsupported allegations of fraud by President Donald Trump, every state certified its results — some of them after full recounts — and that dozens of court decisions have upheld the validity of Biden’s victory on Nov. 3. They’ve also noted that Republicans are being selective in challenging results, alleging fraud in certain states won by Biden but not in down-ballot races won by Republicans in those very same states.

If asking for a challenge to certification allowed under the Constitution is “treason”, what in the hell was the past 3 years of Russia-Gate that produced nothing of what was alleged during the 2016 election? The Democrats have lied for so long they literally have no idea what they are saying or the meaning of the words they are using.


Cruz is spot on in at least attempting to look into what has been alleged here and it is allowed under our governing document. There has been fraud proven and if you doubt that then you are just a hack looking to be lied to and not dealing in actual proof. What has not been proven yet is if there was enough fraud to flip one of the states that Biden won. The time between the election and the vote for certification in the states is only 41 days. I know we are all used to a Law & Order episode where we watch the crime committed, the detectives gather evidence and the case going to court in 41 minutes but that is not how this works in real life.

The Constitution does not allow much time for an issue like this to be resolved, so any tool given should be utilized in the time given and Ted Cruz and the other Senators that have voiced support for this and are willing to at least look into this should be thanked.

Now, there is the opposition, of course, with the Democrats that just can’t wait to get their hands on the White House but what about within the GOP? I’m sure you would recognize some of the names but I want to focus on one Senator who made some very solid points in a Facebook piece last week, Senator Ben Sasse.

Sasse admits that there are some troubling questions from the election but if the individual states won’t tackle it and the Supreme Court won’t then there is not much that can be done. With the clock ticking down to inauguration he is right.


Yet, one of the few tools left in the Constitutional toolbox is what Senator Cruz is doing and you should use every tool you have when anything is in doubt like this. As I said above, there was fraud for anyone to actually take a look at it rationally.

So what happens if later this year, after more time and a more thorough investigation, it is found that Pennsylvania (their results should not be allowed due to the state breaking their own law) and Georgia are found to be fraudulent? I’m sure the Trump/Cruz haters will adopt a Mitt Romney tone and just say “that sucks, better luck next time,” which is not acceptable.

I believe that Senator Sasse would be disgusted if that were to happen but, short of saying this is a waste of time, he offers nothing to look into this when the opportunity is here now. We damn well know Congress won’t act if state votes were found to be corrupted and you know the Roberts Supreme Court would run the other way and not touch this.

Those elected officials willing to take a ton of grief to at least explore this option deserve our gratitude for willing to at least use the legal options given to them and I appreciate it.

Senator Cruz said they should calm down but I will add that they should also $%^& (*& #%.


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