Impeachment of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Being Discussed in Lansing


Maybe 2020 is the year of impeachment.

Except for this time, it might actually happen.


Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer last night held a terror press conference where she once again magically summoned executive powers that she was told earlier this year she could not use to SAVE US from COVID-19. This time she is using the Michigan Department of Health Human Services to do the dirt…errrrrr good work of saving us all with more of the same restrictions.


Here are just some of the highlights from the de-presser conference last night.

*If we don’t do something some projection or chart that she did not show, says we will lose 1000 people per week.  She didn’t bother to show us any of the data on this.

*Because of that scary number High Schools and Colleges must CLOSE in-classroom training for three weeks. Middle School and Grade School kids are just fine and can continue polluting the classroom.

*Gyms and Pools can stay open but classes in those facilities like ZOOMBA or “How to Float on a Raft” for seniors are not allowed.

*Restaurants must once again close to indoor dining but carryout is allowed but not really encouraged. Plus patio dining outside is allowed. In Michigan. In November.

*Funerals can still have up to 25 people but the suggestion is not to have anyone over for Thanksgiving being COVID could be lurking in the stuffing.

Confusing? Sure is. Well, it seems that some state lawmakers are a lil more than confused and they are getting angry with this herk and jerk executive overreach and have decided it might be time to impeach her highness. According to WXYZ Channel 7 ACTION NEWS

A Michigan Republican member of the state House of Representatives is calling for the legislative body to hold impeachment hearings for Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Matt Maddock, who represents several cities in western Oakland County, said he and several other legislators are calling “for impeachment hearings for Governor Whitmer.”

It comes after Whitmer and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Director Robert Gordon announced new COVID-19 restrictions on Sunday night.

Under the Michigan Constitution, the state House of Representatives does have the power to impeach “civil officers for corrupt conduct in office or for crimes or misdemeanors.”


The State Representative that is spearheading this idea is Representative Matt Maddock from Oakland County and he says he has more than just a couple of people ready to bring this up in the House according to his Facebook posting below.


So he has five currently in the House, which is where impeachment hearings are held, and two Senators who are for it. Now, of course, claiming that you have the political will to do this, in theory, is much different than in real life rubber meets the road application but it is an encouraging start. The GOP pretty much sat on their hands during the first round of shutdowns so give kudos where kudos are due.

This won’t’ happen before the new legislature is sworn in on Jan 1st so we will need to buckle up here in the Great Lake State and get ready to rumble in 2021. Until then my suggestion while we wait? Have a funeral for a turkey and invite up to 25 people over to your home and watch the Detroit Lions get crushed on Thanksgiving Day.

That way, you won’t need to feel like you are breaking these executive suggestions from the Guv.

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