Mike Bloomberg Fears Releasing Non Disclosure Agreements

Holey Moley that was a FUN debate last night.

I read on twitter last night that Bloomberg was the Titanic and Warren was the iceberg. My only add on was did the iceberg have an N.D.A. signed with Mike?


When Elizabeth Warren helps open up the debate and goes on the warpath you know it will be a grand time. Her target was clear and she hit the mark when she slammed Mini Mike Bloomberg over his comments about women and his refusal to release some of those ladies from Non-Disclosure Agreements that had paid them to keep quiet about how Mike treated them.

Why did this debate ever have to end?

From Buzzfeed News

Democrats grilled Michael Bloomberg on the debate stage Wednesday over his refusal to release employees of his company, including women who accused him of sexual harassment, from nondisclosure agreements.

“None of them accuse me of doing anything other than maybe they didn’t like a joke I told,” Bloomberg said.

When Elizabeth Warren asked Bloomberg point-blank if he would allow women to break the agreements, he refused.

“If they wish now to speak out and tell their side of the story about what it is they alleged, that’s now okay with you?” Warren asked. “You’re releasing them on television tonight?”

“Senator — no,” Bloomberg said.

Later, he added, “They signed those agreements and we’ll live with it.”


Once again, WHY DID THIS HAVE TO END? I know that MSNBC could have extended this show two hours being no one watches that channel after 9 pm EST anyway.

Last night revealed that Michael Bloomberg is so used to calling the shots in his organizations that unless he asks for the input you better not give input. He was incredibly testy last night and was ill-prepared for the give and take of the debate stage. I guess those hundreds of millions can buy lots of ad time but not get people to prepare you for super obvious questions.

Did no one on Team Shorty not gameplay out the fact that the lawsuits that were filed against Bloomberg and his company would come up in the debate? The best answer they could come up with was that some of the women did not like “his jokes” and run with that? I guess I shouldn’t be too hard here being we have never had a billionaire from New York run that had signed any N.D.A.s before and this is just such new territory. If only someone had run into this let’s say back in 2016.


Contrary to some opinion in the interwebs right now last night does not end Mike Bloomberg and his chances of getting the nomination. The guy is rewriting the rule book and how campaigns are done and it is too early to tell how this ends up. When you spend over 300 million with promises to spend more it is just too soon to call it a day.


However, what did end last night for Bloomberg is the aurora of inevitability. A lady who has faked being something other than herself pretty much her whole adult life took Bloomberg down in less than 180 seconds and it was marvelous to watch.

The other Billionaire from New York last night showed he is not up to speed yet in the race for the White House and it will be interesting how he handles it from here.

Just for the next debate give them four hours.

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