Al Sharpton Says Other Democrats Running For President Have 'Racial Baggage' Also.

Rev. Al Sharpton, left, hugs Stevante Clark while speaking during the funeral services for police shooting victim Stephon Clark at Bayside Of South Sacramento Church in Sacramento, Calif., Thursday, March 29, 2018. Clark, who was unarmed, was shot and killed by Sacramento Police Officers, Sunday, March 18, 2018. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, Pool)

Open season is now upon us with the Democrats running for President and everyone is going to have a target on their back no matter how pure they are.

Which of course, none of us are that pure but you know what I mean.


The most Reverend Al  Sharpton is chiming in on how Mike Bloomberg is not the only person that has some racial baggage in his all-white closet. When Al starts with this routine you know that some checks are gonna be written to make amends.

From Fox News

Rev. Al Sharpton said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Monday that the top Democrats in the 2020 presidential field all have “racial baggage,” urging them not to attack former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a way to distract from facing questions about their own records.

Sharpton was asked by host Mika Brzezinski what Bloomberg could do to repair the damage from his controversial stop-and-frisk policy used by New York City police officers while he was mayor. In a 2015 audio clip that resurfaced last week, Bloomberg defended the policy.

Sharpton said Bloomberg should not get a “pass” on the issue and he will have to do something to “repair the damage” beyond making speeches and apologies. He said Bloomberg must put forth a “criminal justice initiative” of some kind aimed at those who were “scarred” by stop and frisk.

He then turned to the other candidates and called on them to also address their records on criminal justice and minorities.

“I also, Mika, don’t want to see him as a leaf that the other candidates dump some of their racial baggage. … I want to know what Bernie’s gonna say about the vote he did for the [1994] crime bill, where people went to jail.


Before I go any further I just want to point out that I think Sharpton could actually be a leading contender for the nomination right now if he were running. You think Joe Biden can mangle a sentence, just look at the gem that the good Rev. laid on us with this.

“I also, Mika, don’t want to see him as a leaf that the other candidates dump some of their racial baggage”

As a leaf…….

I don’t want this political season to ever end.

The only shame about this is that Al did this bit on Morning Joe and no one really watches that show unless their T.V. remote is broken and it is stuck on MSNBC.


Now, what Sharpton is doing here is making it clearly known that Bloomberg is not the only one that has to make amends among the Democrats. That Bernie and Joe and the lady from Minnesota all have racial issues and they must ask for forgiveness. From the Reverend Al himself of course.

Sharpton is making sure that he just does not aim his fire on just Mike Bloomberg being he might not win. Al also knows Mike can pay the ransom so he is not worried about Bloomberg coming through with a truck full of cash. However, those other lily-white Dems running better also be put on notice that Al needs to forgive you if you want to be accepted as truly repented.


The great American shakedown via the Rev. Al continues and if you are ever running with a ‘D’ after your name and have ever been caught repeating a Dave Chappelle joke, you better be willing to pay up to be seen as righteous once again.

Amen and pass the collection plate.

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