Copying Trump? Majority of Democrats Don't Mind If a Billionaire Is Their Nominee.

Seton Motley | Red State |

I have to admit that this shocked me a tad bit.


With all the energy of the base with the Democrats being on the side of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and their message of kill the rich, this poll has me stunned. If Bernie reads this he might sob for a couple of hours which would make us sad.


According to a new poll out by Harris,  Democrats don’t mind a billionaire running at almost the same clip that Republicans don’t give a hoot.


I might even cry.

From The Hill

A majority of Democrats — 68 percent — said in a new Hill-HarrisX poll that it makes no difference whether a presidential candidate is a billionaire.

Another 18 percent of Democratic voters said they would be less likely to support a billionaire candidate, while 14 percent said they would be more likely to support such a candidate.

The nationwide poll showed that Republican and independents were even less likely to take issue with wealthier candidates.

Seventy-seven percent of independent voters said a candidate’s net worth made didn’t make a difference, compared to 75 percent of Republicans voters who said the same.

Overall, 73 percent of those surveyed said it didn’t matter one way or the other

That SIXTY-EIGHT percent of Democrats said that would not mind a billionaire on the ticket and that trails Republicans only by SEVEN points is earth-shattering to moi. Literally all the noise and all the energy during the whole Democrats picking a nominee fight has been with those who think that socialism is the way to go. That taking from the billionaires to give money out how Bernie and his bros see fit is a much better system than we have right now.

Luckily for the Democrats, they only have two of these types running and they both seem like they are the same boring white toast caucasian guys. Yet that the majority of Dems would not mind either of these fellas to carry the banner against Trump really is bemusing. Are they trying to fight Trump with someone with dough just like Trump?


So who in the hell are these SIXTY-EIGHT percent and where have they been hiding?

As my colleague Brandon Morse has covered here at Red State, Brandon Morse On Tipping Point: The Violent Bernie Staffer Isn’t Just a Solo Act those Democrats have a good damn reason to fear to speak up. Seems the energy of the Bernie kids is manifesting itself into a violent mob.


If the Democrats don’t want the party to absolutely self destruct they will need more of this majority to speak up and not let the A.O.C. whack a doodle wing of the party gain control. They might be too late but it would be worth a try. Also, it will give us some more interesting pieces to write here at Red State and quite frankly that is a win/win for America.

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