Here We Go Again: MSNBC Joe Scarborough Says Trump Is Done

FILE - In this Oct. 11, 2017, file photo, MSNBC television anchor Joe Scarborough takes questions from an audience at forum at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, on the campus of Harvard University, in Cambridge, Mass. Scarborough announced Oct. 12, 2017, that he formally left the Republican party and became an independent. (AP Photo/Steven Senne, File)

Joe Scarborough

This Guy.(AP Photo/Steven Senne, File)

If you ever want to write a book about how someone can spend too much time trying to gain favor with those that despised you when you were an elected official, look no further than Joe Scarborough. He had to totally depants himself to get the MSNBC morning gig. Now that he is married to Mika Brzezinski he can put his big boy pants on and finally be the leftist superhero he has always dreamed of being.


Joe is once again just regurgitating what the press is saying about Trump but being he does it first thing in the morning people seem to think it is fresh. Just like with the Russian story that for almost two years we heard about every day was going to send Trump to jail, we now have that impeachment is more serious than Trump is taking it.

Reallyyyyyyyyy. Get Mika to give you permission to tell us more.

From Raw Story

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said President Donald Trump is fooling himself on impeachment.

Trump insists he did nothing wrong in his actions toward Ukraine and complains that he’s the victim of an impeachment “hoax,” but the “Morning Joe” host said that most Americans disagree.

“He’s talking to himself when he talks about a perfect phone call, yeah,” Scarborough said. “He says it’s a hoax, because what he’s facing now isn’t even what he was facing with (Robert) Mueller. There’s more of a split when it came to what the American public believed, but he said it’s a hoax and nobody can believe this is happening, and etc., etc., etc., and yet over 70 percent of Americans want a full and fair trial.”

“They don’t want ‘Moscow Mitch’ McConnell and (Sen.) Lindsey Graham to shut things down,” he added. “Over 70 percent want to hear from witnesses. That’s seven in 10 Americans. They want to know the truth, that’s all they want to know. They want to know the truth.”

Now I get that Scarborough is nothing more than a talking head. As far as I’m concerned he is Sean Hannity with less charm. He is given a script and practices reading it in the shower and hopes to god no one throws him something that he has never thought about being he will just stare into the camera like a deer caught in the headlights.


I also understand he does not like Trump. Fine. The President loves to spar with people and most talking heads love that and also hate it when attacked being there egos are pretty thin.

Yet Morning Bore went on and on and on and on and on about how all the things that have come before were going to sink Trump and yet they didn’t. How did he get that wrong? The polls at one point showed that Russia B.S. had people really disgusted with POTUS and once it was proven bogus what did the American public do?

They changed their mind.

If Joe and his merry gang of NyQuil in the morning cast were interested in the truth possibly they should have banged the war drum to get Pelosi or Schiff or other pal Jerry Nadler to do the fact-finding in the House of Representatives. Hell, Joe was only in the House back when Clinton was impeached so he knows the drill.

One last thing about this.

You can hate the person all you want and totally despise the policy. There are lots of politicians I don’t like and their asses should be dropped kicked from the dome of the Capitol into the Potomac for charity.

Yet I would never accuse them of being traitors to the country.

Joe knows Mitch McConnell. That he is regurgitating the “Moscow Mitch” line is just stupid. Incredibly. Stupid.

Mitch McConnell is no more a tool of Russia than Scarborough is leading in the ratings of morning television. You might not like the Majority Leaders’ policies or the way he has handled the Senate, yet he is not a traitor to this country. Reading dumb talking points that your producer or Mika gave you to sound “hip” is flat out silly.


So let’s see how this all plays out and if on the MSNBC morning show in about 4 weeks if they once again have egg on their face about their predictions of what will happen to POTUS #45.

If they crack the eggs over Hannity lite’s head I might even tune in to watch for once.

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