Has The Handshake With Trump Hurt Vince Vaughn's Career?

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The handshake seen around the world between the 45th president of the United States and actor Vince Vaughn earlier this week caused a bit of a ruckus all around the interwebs and particularly on twitter. The tweeting platform I’m quite certain when a dumpster fire erupts on there can be seen from space without the Hubble telescope.

The reason I’m writing about this is I came across an article the other day that I found somewhat interesting called Long before Trump handshake, Vince Vaughn’s career had been ‘canceled’ by many and thought to myself…

“Vaughn was canceled before Trump?” which seems like it just can’t possibly be for the simple fact that Trump had not shaken his hand yet. Duh.

From the article…

When was the last time you had rushed to see a Vince Vaughn movie or came across his name in a headline?

Yes, it’s been a while since Vaughn’s name popped up in a national conversation. Vaughn probably is realistic enough to admit that his career long ago lost the A-list luster that came from being a leading man in hit comedies like “Wedding Crashers” or by dating Jennifer Aniston and co-starring in their rom-com “The Break-up.”

The author of the piece who is a lady by the name of Martha Ross who points out that Vaughn has not been in any blockbusters lately and possibly due to the political leanings he was canceled. Would that be possible why he is not in any big-name movies as of late? Vaughn is a well-known libertarian ( as am I and we have a secret handshake to identify ourselves) among the lesser government crowd.

However, the author does go on to talk about some other projects Vince has been working on and his collaboration with Glenn Beck ( another libertarian) which leads me to think double V has not been canceled at all. Maybe just simply, his priorities have changed.

I imagine that if you have been working for two decades consistently and pretty much owned the mid-2000’s as Vaughn did, you might focus on some stuff that interests you personally. I’m not his business manager but I’m gonna bet that Mr. Vaughn is doing pretty well financially and has the freedom to work if he wants or not. Which I think would be a pretty cool place to be in.

The whole controversy with Trump is probably a huge sideshow for the actor and maybe even a reminder that working under the radar on things that he wants to do because he likes it is way better than doing a movie because of the paycheck. This means if “Wedding Crashers 2, Lost On Gilligans Island” was floated to him he could turn it down. Being able to call your own shots in any career would be awesome and I hope this is the case with Vince.

Yet if the call comes in for “Wedding Crashers 2” and he does not want to do it I would love to be considered a replacement for him if Rachel McAdams is in it. She is adorable.

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