Ted Danson And Jane Fonda Get Arrested In D.C. Over CLIMATE CHANGE.

Actress Jane Fonda speaks at the Respect Rally Park City during the 2018 Sundance Film Festival on Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018, in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Danny Moloshok/Invision/AP)

Jane Fonda

(Photo by Danny Moloshok/Invision/AP)


Wouldnt you love to have so much money that you could just hang out with people with none and act as you care so much about a cause they do? I bet Ted & Jane never bailed any of their fellow protestors out either.


Ted Danson and Jane Fonda were put into plastic zip-lock handcuffs for helping block traffic while protesting the not settled science of climate change, global warming and or global cooling. I’m sure these people would blame mankind on a meteorite hitting Earth also.

From the Daily Mail

Earlier in the day, Fonda and Danson were seen walking along signs that read ‘Climate Action Now’ and ‘Green New Deal Now’ – a nod to New York representative Alexandria Occasio Cortez’a proposed legislation to tackle climate change.

At one point, Fonda herself held a poster that read: ‘Get in Motion/Save our Ocean.’

The two were arrested during an event called Fire Drill Fridays, which are organized by Fonda in an effort to get politicians to address climate change.

Capitol Police released a statement on Friday afternoon that read: ‘Fonda and Danson were among 32 people arrested for allegedly unlawfully demonstrating in the intersection of East Capitol and First Streets.’

This is Fonda’s third arrest in two weeks being she is really motivated that pissing off commuters is going to make people think, ” YEAH, SAVE THEM WHALES” or something. According to reports, this is Danson’s first but it seems from the smile on his face he might be back also.


Now I get that these people mean well. Yet if any reporter went up to Ted & Jane and started asking specific questions about some of the earlier predictions that have not come true or how there are scientists now openly questioning how much of an effect humans have on this, they would be lost. I expect the rank & file not to know much they are just reading small clips or watching youtube videos.

The actors have so much money and time on their hands you would think they could bone up on some of this. I have previously covered this topic with these stories…

CLIMATE FLASHBACK: In 1978 Mr. Spock Told Us Another Ice Age Would Be Here By Now.


CLIMATE SCARE FLASHBACK: Jimmy Carter Predicts We Run Out Of Oil By 2011

and CLIMATE SCARE FLASHBACK: Al Gore And An Inconvenient Forecast.

What these stories and countless others show is that there is NO scientific data that has been correct enough yet to say AH HA we have the formula and this is going to happen in X. Yet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is saying we are all going to be dead in 12 years. How can anyone take her seriously?


Jane and Ted can. Mostly because they are rich and bored and can be easily moved to tears with words written by other people. What they get paid to do.

I can’t wait what these two crazy kids do next. Maybe a sitcom on two meteorologists that keep getting the weather reports wrong.

I would watch. Maybe.

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