CNN Misses One Small Detail in Covering the Katie Hill Story

Not you screwing up this time Tate.

A very long time ago I asked and was given a piece of advice by the great Ed Morrisey who writes over at Hot Air about giving “hat tips” for accreditation in pieces I would write. Ed was direct and simple. Always give credit to the source of the story and if possible link back to the site.


I have never forgotten this. No matter the angle, always link back.

We have been busy around here at Red State water cooler lately with all the activity that has been created by Jennifer Van Laar’s pieces about freshman Congresswoman Katie Hill from California. Seems that Katie was a busy gal with her new career in elected politics and juggling both her hubby and a staffer of hers in a committed throuple arrangement.

Jen’s articles are listed below.

CA Rep. Katie Hill Allegedly Involved Female Staffer In 2-Yr ‘Throuple’ Relationship

#MeToo Concerns Arise As Katie Hill’s Throuple Partner Describes ‘Toxic’ Relationship With Her Boss

With all these stories going on I even jumped in being I had some questions…

Random Thoughts On Rep. Katie Hill And Her Throuple.

Needless to say, we are very proud of the work Jen has done here. Had this been a Republican, they would have already held a special election that Gavin Newsom would have called for 12 hours after the New York Times reported it.

Being it is a democrat the press thinks its kinda cute and probably are checking for throuple hookups on tinder.

Which brings us to CNN.

The World Wide Leader in running around trying to avoid James O Keefe and Project Veritas cameras right now might be a bit preoccupied to do actual news stuff. CNN jumped in on Katie Hill story earlier today after Politico had reported it.


Here is part of the CNN story from Kyung Lah and Clare Foran (emphasis added):

The statement comes days after a piece on a conservative blog alleged that Hill was involved in a relationship with Graham Kelly, her legislative director, according to Legistorm. There is no evidence of the alleged relationship.

“Allegations that I have been involved in a relationship with Mr. Kelly are absolutely false,” Hill said in her statement.

CNN has reached out to Kelly for comment.

Is Red State a conservative blog? Sure. We do have one requirement though. You have to be pro-life.

Could there be liberal blogs out there that are pro-life? Not if they don’t want the mob to find them and snuff out their life.

So the two reporters (I’m not really good with the pronoun thing)  did not link back to RedState or even say where it was from. They left it at “conservative blog,” being if they had said RED STATE and linked back they would have immediately burst into flames and been thrown into hell. Which these days is NBC.

RedState is owned by Salem Media, which is a fairly large media corporation. RedState writers past and present have been on all the major networks as both contributors and talking about stories written here. They have radio shows, podcasts, make videos, and, of course, write here.

So are we a blog in the truest sense of the word?



And one of our writers just broke a story that I’m guessing the two “reporters” at CNN that did this piece listed above would have turned down as a possible ethics violation from an up and coming Democrat in California would be a bit too much for them to stomach and write about.

I know this might seem a bit like sour grapes and maybe it is. I just know how hard the people here work and I can’t imagine how many hours Jennifer Van Laar has taken to double check her sources and polish that story up to make it ‘s scrutiny-proof. So I thought I would just mention it here once.

I know I’m going to continue to adhere to Mr. Morrisey’s advice and link back in stories even if it is to CNN. It seems the proper thing to do and, if you want to be taken seriously, the professional thing to do.

Now back to watching O’Keefe scare the hell out of Zucker.

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