Alan Dershowitz BLASTS The Democrats Impeachment Theory

Occasionally you can come across someone who is a traditional liberal that you might not agree on social constructs with but does stay consistent on issues like impeachment. Professor Alan Dershowitz is one of these people in my opinion.


Dershowitz has been on occasion one of Donald Trump’s defenders in the media. He was one of the voices saying slow down on the rush to condemn on the Russia probe. His overall point was that even those that were on Trump’s orbit at one point were indicted on things, none of the indictments ever involved the reason for the investigation. Prof. Dershowitz was right on that.

He also opposed impeaching Bill Clinton in 1998 on the evidence the Congress had than.

Now he is urging caution on the Democrats rushing to impeach based on what we have seen publicly so far.

Just as a refresher, Alan Dershowitz is a lifelong Democrat and voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

In an opinion piece, Dershowitz wrote for The Hill

Many Democrats, including some constitutional law professors, now argue that President Trump can be impeached without evidence of high criminal acts. Some took the opposite view when President Clinton was being impeached. Hypocrisy aside, there are good historical reasons why the impeachment approach of the Democrats is wrong.

During the debates over the impeachment provisions of the Constitution, two differing views of our structure of government were presented. Some Framers argued that a president should be subject to removal by the legislature if he engaged in malfeasance of office or other comparable noncriminal misconduct. The other Framers took the view that giving the legislature such broad authority to remove a president would turn our country into the kind of parliamentary democracy that existed in England, rather than a republic with a strong executive branch.

That is why every advocate of impeachment should pass the “shoe on the other foot” test. Would you support impeachment against a president of your own party if she or he were accused of this conduct? Unless the answer to that question is yes, it would be unprincipled to engage in this process of impeachment taking place on Capitol Hill.


The very notion that with what has been released so far is enough to impeach is nonsensical. Dershowitz in the article correctly points out impeachment is a political process, not necessarily a legal one and should be taken up very carefully. That the Democrats running for President have all called for Trump’s impeachment is incredibly amusing in light of the “shoe on the other foot” theory.

Would any of them want such an incredibly low threshold to get impeached if they held the job?

Possibly the Democrats in their secret hearings that they refuse to let the public see will come across something that will convince America Trump has to be removed before the 2020 election. So far, they are being tight-lipped about what has been said in these hearings which leads me to believe they don’t have much and Adam Schiff once again sold Nancy Pelosi down the river.

I’m not going to hold my breath though that they find the silver bullet and Speaker Pelosi should look at getting better friends in Congress.

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