Nancy Pelosi Sets Up a Battle With Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and The Squad. Who Will Win?

Even the old guard politicians occasionally get tripped up and get trapped into a corner that they never needed to be. After yesterday’s painful admission by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that the House would not vote on an “impeachment inquiry” as has been done in the past, she can only blame herself for being in the corner she is in now.


Oh, and A.O.C. and the Progressive cheer squad are coming after her.

As I talked about on my podcast today, Bourbon On The Rocks, I think Pelosi blinked hard in her admission and is now trying to save face. Bourbon On The Rocks: Nancy Pelosi Blinked #851

Nancy Pelosi is an incredibly skilled politician. You don’t become the first woman Speaker of the House, lose that position and get vanquished for 8 years to come back to it again if you are not a master of the process. Those that discount her in this way don’t understand politics. Pelosi has game.

Put another way, if you were in General George S. Patton’s army in World War II and you underestimated your enemies’ strength, you were the one getting slapped.

Never underestimate your opponent when they have a track record of getting stuff done.

However, she slipped up 3 weeks ago when she seemed to come out of nowhere talking about impeachment and that it needed to be looked at NOW. Pelosi had been the one slamming on the brakes saying slow down while she was taking flack from her new colleagues in the Squad.

These ladies think D.C. should work like a Burger King drive-through: your way in less than 10 minutes.

The Speaker did an about-face on Sept 24th when, according to CNBC, she warmed up to the idea of kicking Donald out of the White House before an election.


Pelosi has until now resisted Democrats’ calls for Trump’s impeachment, which have grown steadily in intensity since the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report.

She has been privately weighing a possible impeachment inquiry for months — but early Tuesday morning, Pelosi’s allies were convinced she would not go down that route, sources told CNBC.

Hours later, however, those same people were told that she’s planning to move ahead with the inquiry, the sources said.

What changed?

We now know that Adam Schiff’s staff had met with the “whistleblower” and were told the phone call was damming and explosive. They probably counted on Trump NOT releasing the transcripts of the call. When he did and the nation yawned, they had to find some other angle. As of now, they have not. Even Schiff is not asking for the whistleblower to come testify now, being what is the point?

The second part of Pelosi’s sudden jump to Impeach I believe was that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez the weekend before started to get lippy on Twitter. She accused the leadership of her caucus in the House of being worse than Trump.

According to the Washington Examiner

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declared her exasperation with Democratic leadership for their refusal to move forward with impeachment proceedings against President Trump as yet another controversy rocks his administration.

A two-month truce with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cracked just before midnight Saturday when the freshman congresswoman from New York fired a volley on Twitter attacking her own party.


“At this point, the bigger national scandal isn’t the president’s lawbreaking behavior – it is the Democratic Party’s refusal to impeach him for it,”

This is why you never listen to kids on climate change or on how to operate in Washington D.C. because they feel and don’t think – and look at what a mess you have now, Madame Speaker.

So a veteran of the political wars in the Nation’s capitol just got railroaded into making a bad, bad move by some shady guy named Schiff and a bartender turned non-environmental guru named A.O.C., who really does have a nice $250.00 dollar haircut.

In my opinion, the Speaker pacified Cortez and her small group when she received bad intel from Schiff and she acted to keep another public spat with the kids from erupting. She now has to try and explain why they will not do an impeachment inquiry vote and break over two centuries of precedent. She can’t explain this one away.

In the title, I ask who will win in the upcoming battle between the old guard and the new upstarts. I always want to give the edge to experience with age and wisdom.


In this match, though, I’m afraid that I’m going to give the edge to the upstarts. Not because they are correct but they don’t know any better and they feel they are right as opposed to the calmness that comes over you when you KNOW that you are right.

Youth, vigor, and spreading your feelings via a mass Twitter following will win this battle.

Which most likely means Trump will win again in 2020.

Gods Speed, Speaker Pelosi, you had a good run.

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