"I Don't Know Why He Is All Bent Out Of Shape," Sen. McConnell Says Of John Stewart

Sen. Mitch McConnell today on Fox & Friends with hosts Steve Doocey, Ainsley Earhardt and Dan Bongino responded to Jon Stewart’s criticism yesterday on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace of McConnell not showing compassion to these people and the fund.


Here is what Stewart said on Sunday via the New York Post

“Have you had problems with Sen. McConnell?” host Chris Wallace asked.

“Yes,” Stewart replied. “I mean, not me personally, but in terms of getting the 9/11 bills passed, Mitch McConnell has been the white whale of this since 2010.”

“This has never been dealt with compassionately by Sen. McConnell,” Stewart said Sunday.

“He has always held out until the last minute, and only then after intense lobbying and public shaming has he even deigned to move on it.”

These comments are coming right after Stewart’s blistering speech to the House of Representatives committee last week that seemed to move the ball quicker than usual and got the House to move to pass the bill out of committee the same week.

Sen. McConnell had this to say about the remarks Stewart made the previous day.

All of his comments on this begin around 6:50 seco9nds in on the Fox & Friends Video Right Here and here is the direct quote…

I don’t know why he is all bent out of shape but we will take care of the 9-11 victims compensation fund.

Now to be fair to the Senator you have to listen to the whole conversation to make sure you get the whole context. However, this is a bit of a boo boo saying Stewart is all out of shape even if you REALLY think he is.

Congress always tends to slow roll everything important to make it seem that they are actually doing things we might want them to do. Stewarts point on this is dead on though. Why in the hell does it take right up until the last Minute to pass something like this? I understand there are issues of fraud but you people could not have dealt with this earlier this year or last?


We expected these men and women and their colleagues that died, to rush into burning buildings and save lives at the risk of their own. How about just passing this bill, this one bill long before it is due to be renewed and help those that helped all of us.

Sen. McConnell I’m sure meant no disrespect to all those men and women who feel Jon Stewart is representing them. Yet you know how the left will take any lil thing to smash anyone close to Trump into the ground.

Possibly the Senator could invite Stewart up to the Hill on the Senate side and mend some bridges. That would be a good faith effort to show they are just as committed to funding this and taking care of those that took care of us.

Those heroes deserve at least that much and a lot more.

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