Conservative Politician in Britain Says...GPS Devices on Knives Is a Good Idea.

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This is why we left

I love British people. Their whole attitude on how to handle a crisis with the stiff upper lip and dry humor is something to behold.

Plus…The Beatles, Dr. Who and of course, Fish & Chips.


However, there always comes a time in any special relationship, whether it be with your better half, your best pals, or countries that you are close with, that you have to say. WTF.

This is one of those times.

Today a Tory M.P. ( Tories are the “conservatives of Britain and MP means Member of Parliament) decided to suggest that all knives sold in his country need GPS tracking devices on them. Lefties in this country just got a new idea.

According to the Evening Standard

All knives sold in the United Kingdom should have a GPS tracker attached to them, according to a Conservative MP.

Scott Mann, who represents North Cornwall, called for the move on Thursday as a potential means to reduce knife crime.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Mann said: “Every knife sold in the UK should have a gps tracker fitted in the handle. It’s time we had a national database like we do with guns.

“If you’re carrying it around you had better have a bloody good explanation, obvious exemptions for fishing etc.”

This was his mock-worthy tweet.

Oh boy.

I’m sure it was just pure oversight that he said bloody good explanation” and he really meant jolly good.


Now as with the kids on the left that come up with these wacky ideas, I have no doubt that they mean well with this. Yet, you want to put a GPS device on every knife? Will the tracking device be able to tell if you are stabbing a turkey or a person?

Luckily twitter can sometimes be an unforgiving place and he was roundly roasted for this idea. Maybe I should not have said roasted being ovens might be next to be put on a data list.

Hopefully, Prime Minister Theresa May sends Mr. Mann on assignment to find out how babies are made or something else to cut his teeth on the legislative process in the U.K. Not like they have issues like Brexit at the moment to worry about.

God save the Queen.

From knives.

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