Classic Trump Tweet On The Senate Emergency Override.

Donald Trump has a way with Twitter.

As my colleague wrote here at Red State just a bit ago >BREAKING. Senate Votes To Overturn President Trump’s Emergency Declaration you knew the POTUS 45 was not gonna be quiet for long.


Trump rarely disappoints in a counter punch.

Just moments after the news that 12 Republicans had joined the Democrats in overturning the emergency declaration Trump declared last month the “Tweeter In Chief” let this one fly.

Rather simple, yet majestic.

Of course, this veto will not be overridden by Congress. This was the Article I Branch showing some spine on an issue that they know will be taken care of in the courts. Which is not really showing spine at all but everyone now gets to crow a bit and preen for the cameras and at fundraisers.

The only thing this provided was possibly the shortest tweet ever of Donald J. Trump tweeting.

As the late great baseball announcer, Mel Allen would say, ” How About That.”


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