Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Staff Hates Capitalism Also.


This new wave of Socialists-Marxists having been elected to the House in the Democratic party is going to be so much fun to watch. They also are going to give Nancy Pelosi and the Dem leadership heartburn.


We already know that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a media darling and she is an avowed socialist who thinks it is perfectly OK to take from the Rich, middle class and poor to redistribute it in any way they see fit. She has proven to be a tour de force and has set the tone for this new Congress, much to the chagrin of her colleagues in the majority.

Well, it seems her staff is right on board with her and it truly is amazing to watch.

Normally freshman congress critters do not get this type of exposure unless they have a last name of Kennedy or they did some sketchy YouTube videos. I have never seen the STAFF get any print before without at least a decade on Capitol Hill.

Well, barriers are made to be broken and here we are with two of Ocasio-Cortez staffers get some interview time on what makes them tick. According to the Stamford Advocate

Ariel Eckblad, 31, the congresswoman’s legislative director, and Dan Riffle, 37, a legislative assistant, will help steer Ocasio-Cortez as one of the most high-profile members of Congress.

They will help shape how Ocasio-Cortez works as an activist hoping to refashion the Democratic Party, while she also tries to serve as a more typical member building coalitions and moving legislation.

Many freshman lawmakers avoid the national spotlight, and it is very rare for their staffers to speak out. But just as Ocasio-Cortez is blasting away some of the conventions of politics, so is her team.

THIS IS AWESOME. We get to find out about some of the magic behind the scenes in the most dynamic wacky office in Congress.


Her legislative assistant, Dan Riffle is a 37 yr old former paid ( maybe a lobbyist) pot activist who has some very interesting views on his new job on the hill working towards a Utopian vision of equal misery for all.

According to Dan…

“I remember getting to the Hill thinking, ‘The staffers here are going to mostly be activists and idealists.’ Then I got here, and I found out that’s not true at all. These are careerists. These are people who grew up on the Upper West Side and went to Ivy League schools.

“I don’t mean to paint too broad a brush. But these are people who don’t think big and aren’t here to change the world. They’re here because it’s a good, safe, stable job, and this is a good platform to get to K Street. Which is what the vast majority of Democratic Hill staffers do.”

“They only conceive of the world as it is, and work within that frame. They don’t think, ‘Here’s the system; it sucks and we should burn it down.’ “

There is so much there I just can’t dissect it all with the tears of laughter in my eyes.

First off, he is being honest in the fact that the goal of Socialists/Marxists wants to burn down the constructs of the only economic system in the world that has helped create the middle class. Capitalism. Sure there is corruption but it is exposed when the press is doing its job and looking for it not wishing constantly on a star.

Now even under the corrupt government of Cuba or Venezuela which I’m sure, Dan would look to for how to be run, they don’t have ” activists and idealists” working in the government. They have workers who are doing what they are paid poorly to do or they might go to the gulag. That doesn’t mean you don’t have people who believe in a “cause” working in D.C. but they are there to do a job. Which generally means making sure the elected officials they work for seem competent.


Some people might find this offensive but I love it. The Socialists/Marxists are so confident right now they will talk out loud about what their plans are. This is incredibly useful in so many ways and those that love freedom really can’t thank them enough.

Let’s all sit back and truly enjoy the new kids on the block getting underneath the skin of the “careerists” on their own side of the aisle and Nancy Pelosi and the House leadership.

Long live Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her merry band of cow and plane haters!!!

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