Feds Arrest Man for Plotting to Use 200 Pound Explosive Election Day

In a stark reminder that violence is alive and well, news broke today that Federal officials in New York have arrested a man who planned on detonating a bomb on election day this year.


From Fox News

Federal officials have charged a New York man with manufacturing an explosive device, saying he planned to set off a 200-pound bomb at the National Mall in Washington on Election Day, killing himself and possibly many others.

Paul Rosenfeld, 56, was arrested on Tuesday after the Department of Justice was tipped off by an unidentified person in Pennsylvania who claimed Rosenfeld sent text messages and letters stating that he “planned to build an explosive device” that would go off on Nov. 6 as a way to “draw attention to his political belief in ‘sortation.’”

According to the article, sortation is the selecting of political officials in some random manner. That does not sound sane. Also from the article…

When authorities searched Rosenfeld’s house they discovered a functional explosive device that weighed about 200-pounds.

Assistant Director-in-Charge William F. Sweeney Jr. said that the suspect “planned to detonate a large explosive to kill himself and draw attention to his radical political beliefs.”

“Had he been successful, Rosenfeld’s alleged plot could have claimed the lives of innocent bystanders and caused untold destruction.”


Has the whole country lost its mind?

Now everyone is going to wait to see who this guy was registered with in terms of a political party or what his facebook rants said. The fact is that the country is beginning to lose its collective mind and this cannot continue.

The right to vote is one of the most sacred privileges and responsibilities we have. Someone plotting to kill innocent people of ANY political persuasion on election day or at any time is just plain evil.

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