LEAVE Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ALONE Democrats!!!

Your Money Is My Money

I read with great interest today the post here at Red State by my colleague Brandon Morse called Leftist Darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Swiftly Wearing Out Her Welcome Among Democrats and I was horrified.


How dare the Democrats pick on their new rising star?


Just because she picked off Rep. Joseph Crowley who just happened to be waiting for Nancy Pelosi to leave so he could be the leader in the house, this is no way to treat your future.

Just today, it was announced that she will be in Michigan at the end of the month to help the campaign of Abdul-El-Sayed who is running for the Democrat nomination for Governor.

So what she hasn’t done anything other than pull off an upset of some guy who was in Congress so long he forgot who he represented? She is the fresh new face of the Democratic party and I can’t wait for her to say something really cool on the floor of the House or in a committee like Hank Johnson. Remember when he worried that Guam could capsize?

Hold her beer, she has got this.

So move out of the way, Nancy Pelosi; get moving, Steny Hoyer. Now is the time for the fresh face of Democratic Socialism (which is kinda like saying water is dry) to take over and lead or something.

I know she will make watching C-SPAN Great Again!


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