BREAKING...Everyone Rescued Out of Cave in Thailand

Everyone has been rescued out of a cave in Thailand as of earlier this morning.

According to BBC News…

The search and rescue effort was described by the mission chief and Chiang Rai governor Narongsak Osottanakorn as a “United Nations team”.

It involved personnel and volunteers from the UK, China, Myanmar, Laos, Australia, the US, Japan and many other countries.

Locals near the cave complex cooked food for those on site, cleaned divers’ clothing and ferried others around for free.

Specialist divers from around the world risked their lives to enter the cave system in search of the boys.

The atmosphere now at the cave site is one of joy, but many will be thinking of Saman Gunan, the Thai ex-Navy diver who died while on a re-supply mission in the cave.

He will be honoured with a state funeral.


President Trump also checked in on twitter before leaving for Europe.

Thankfully all those in the cave are safe and now being evaluated at a local hospital. However, one person did perish in this effort. Saman Gunan perished while making sure those in the cave had enough oxygen to get through until they could be rescued.

He is a hero and please keep his family in your prayers.



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