Alfie Evans’ Brave Fight in This World Ends in an Eternal Life

We Shall Not Forget His Face or His Fight

Today was going to be different.

I went to bed last night after a bit of a rough run here at Red State and then having technical issues for my show last night thinking TODAY was going to be different.


I woke to the news that a child of God I had never met but who had affected the world in such a positive manner had passed on. BREAKING: Alfie Evans Has Died.

I really didn’t want to get up after reading that but then I happened upon a tweet from a person I genuinely admire and I realized that Alfie fought to live and I better take advantage of my time here. The tweet said this…

How small all our day to day troubles seem in the face of such tremendous loss as Thomas Evans and Kate James are suffering at this moment.

Alfie Evans was a child who the British National Health Service had decided was not worth paying for anymore. This is, of course, the natural progression of how things are done when you strictly look at things from a bean counter’s perspective. Quality of care goes out the window and how much are we saving by pulling the plug on what the state decides is a worthless cause now becomes the goal.

Yet even after the decision was made that Alfie was a drain on Her Majesty’s Exchequer this could have all been avoided. We could have been watching and been praying for Alfie and his parents and a miracle recovery while he was treated in Italy.


The beancounters backed by the ever so friendly and stylishly dressed jack booted authoritarians were not going to let this child go seek treatment in any other first world country. The nerve of even asking.


According to LifeNews

Alfie’s parents had hoped to take the little boy to the hospital in order to potentially get experimental treatment that could help his rare degenerative neurological condition but courts repeatedly denied that. Justice Hayden ruled that Alfie’s family would not be able to fly him to Italy for treatment and appeared to say that this was the final decision related to his case. He said flying Alfie to Italy could harm his health because, as court testimony indicated, the flight could trigger possible “continuous seizures due to stimulations” of the flight. But Alfie’s parents are concerned Alfie will die if he doesn’t get care and possible experimental treatment in Italy.

Plus the group Christian Concern who was involved in the last part of this case claimed this would not have cost the Evans or the government of Britain a pound. Not one cent.

Than add-on that these statements  from  the same LifeNews

A British doctors group, The Medical Ethics Alliance, expressed its horror over the treatment of Alfie Evans that it called a “medical tyranny.”

And Italy’s Healthcare Chief has slammed the decisions by UK courts to treat Alfie the way that they had. The President of the Italian National Institute of Health lambasted the UK High Court’s decision yesterday on Alfie Evans’ that resulted in the children’s hospital being allowed to remove life support over Alfie’s parents’ objections.

Pope Francis repeatedly has spoken on Alfie’s behalf and urged that Alfie’s parents be allowed to bring him to Italy.

Members of Parliament are leading a new campaign for a law to prevent the tragic situation happening to Alfie Evans and his parents from happening to any other family. The new campaign calls on MPs to debate the matter in the House of Commons – with potential plans for “Alfie’s Law.”


This makes no sense.

How could in 2018, the country with which the United States of America has a “Special Relationship”, conduct such a monstrous act as NOT ALLOWING a child to go to another country in the European Union for medical treatment?

The country that created the Magna Carta, which spoke eloquently of human and individual rights, now allows children to die instead of allowing them to seek treatment elsewhere.

The country that stood alone for a bit in World War II against fascism in Germany and Italy, now calls it compassionate to end hospital care and allow a child to starve. How ironic that Italy wanted to help save this child and England denied that family the opportunity.

Where was the leadership from Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury in trying to facilitate this child’s life being protected? As of this writing, I could find no comment at all about this precious child of God from the church.

Where was Prime Minister of Great Britain, Theresa May giving at least a sympathetic comment on an issue that was being discussed fervently in her country? Just like the Archbishop, I could find no mention of anything from her office.

Finally, where have the Royals been?

I wrote about some of them earlier this week in an open letter to William and Kate called Britain Welcomes A Royal Baby, Willing To Let A Commoner’s Die. They just welcomed a new son by the name of Louis Arthur Charles. You would think from the Queen on down the whole family would have been acutely aware of the pain the Evans family was going through.


So far, not a word

This is simply, pure evil.

Seems the whole of England from an official governing and legal capacity has decided to check the checkbook instead of protecting the life. Italy, The United States or any other countries that still put a value on human life before the financial bottom line would have taken this family in. They would have strived to protect that child’s life. They would have done what England would have once done.

I find it hard to believe that only 77 years ago England was led by Sir Winston Churchill who said this on the radio during World War II.

We shall not fail or falter; we shall not weaken or tire. Neither the sudden shock of battle, nor the long-drawn trials of vigilance and exertion will wear us down. Give us the tools and we will finish the job.- Winston Churchill. BBC radio broadcast, February 9, 1941

England had the tools to protect this child and even if they didn’t, the government bureaucrats could have let this family seek care elsewhere that had the tools and WILL to do so.

England and her government not only let Alfie Evans and his family down but they let the world down also. A country with such a rich history of striving to do better just gave up in the face of “normalized” evil and it is incredibly sad.

As hard as it was to get up today I hope to keep this in mind going forward. I hope we all fight 10% as hard as Alfie Evans did these last 5 days to roll back this gross and incompetent mindset. If we do that here and across the pond, sanity will prevail in the world once again when it comes to protecting the truly innocent and quite frankly all people.


God Speed, Alfie and enjoy your new life with no pain but just pure joy and love.

You deserve it.


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