Megyn Kelly Says to Look for This One Thing Tonight

Megyn Kelly took to Twitter earlier to explain the telltale signs to look for when watching election results tonight.


Megyn is, of course, a seasoned journalist who has anchored election night coverage many, many times. She’s experienced firsthand the kinds of high-level briefings and early results to which network and cable hosts are privy. She knows exactly what kinds of things to look for to get a handle on often-chaotic news channel shows, and it comes down to one thing: the faces on your screen.

Gone are the days when journalists took their craft seriously and reported election results dispassionately and honestly. Now, we often get tears, teeth grinding and tantrums as lefty journos let their political biases be on full display. You’ve seen it before — as the night wears on, the likes of Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid become increasingly emotional and downright testy. Any hint of professionalism is dropped in favor of partisan feelings. They simply can’t help themselves.

Conservatives have made a sport out of tuning into MSNBC and CNN on election night. Who can forget now-canceled Chris Matthews being falling down drunk on MSNBC back in 2010 when Scott Brown won the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts after the death of Ted Kennedy? Few hosts reach that level of crazy, but there are sure to be some noteworthy outbursts.


As if on cue, CNN’s Dana Bash proved Megyn Kelly’s point about the faces. Greg Price tweeted:

After her colleague explained that CNN’s exit polling showed voters were most concerned about inflation and a slew of other issues that “did not line up” with what they were seeing in pre-election polling, Bash looked a bit long in the face that “democracy” wasn’t in the top five issues. Despite the best efforts of CNN and other establishment media outlets to trump the Democrat talking point du jour — democracy! — voters didn’t fall for it. We’re smarter than they think we are; we’re not fretting about a silly buzzword, but we’re sure as heck out there taking part in it by voting.

As RedState’s Susie Moore pointed out, “democracy” is always on the ballot:

Lately, the popular lefty slogan is that “Democracy is on the ballot” this coming Tuesday. Wow. Democracy, you say? That sounds…heavy! And so very significant. While many on the right roll their eyes over this apparent hyperbole, I see it differently: In my view, democracy is always on the ballot. It’s inextricably woven into the fabric of our electoral system.


She is, of course, 100% correct. More from Susie:

But each and every time we vote, we’re choosing – which candidate (or measure) will best uphold those core principles – including democracy? Which one will espouse – and champion – the rights and freedoms secured by our Constitution? From presidential elections all the way down to city councils and school boards, when we vote, we are exercising (and hopefully preserving) democracy.

Now, take what you’ve learned from Megyn Kelly and go forth and enjoy the dramatics of tonight’s election coverage!


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