THIS is the 'Antifa': Fascist Thug Assaults Elderly Woman Waving American Flag (VIDEO)

If you still think white supremacy is the only dangerous, divisive movement plaguing America, then kindly pay attention this video, taken a short while ago as ‘antifa’ fascists took to the streets of Boston. As always, antifa thugs are easily identifiable as they oh-so-cowardly cover their faces.


One older woman decided to show up at the antifa fascist march and proudly wave her American flag. The problem is, the American flag is seen as a hate symbol by the antifa. So, naturally, the flag needed to be ripped from the patriotic woman’s hands and she deserved to be dragged several yards by an antifa thug.


Yes, we have a hate problem in America. And until we’re all brave enough to name it and shame it, women bearing American flags will continue to be assaulted … and worse.


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