Rep. Pete Stark: Constitutional Limits on Federal Power Totally Don't Exist

This is one of those stories that you read and really don’t know whether to take seriously or check for a link to The Onion.

Watch this (text after the jump):


Via J.P. Friere:

“I think that there are very few constitutional limits that would prevent the federal government from rules that could affect your private life. The basis for that would be how would it affect other people.”

After the questioner asks what possible constitutional limits there are, then, if Obamacare can pass constitutional muster, Stark replies: “The federal government yes, can do most anything in this country.”

The questioner, outraged: “You, sir, and people like you are destroying this nation.”

Stark, smirking: “And I guess you’re here to save it. And that makes me very uncomfortable.”

Well, good, Mr. Stark. The fact that you’re uncomfortable means that we’re doing our job. As the incredibly articulate woman challenging you pointed you, you are everything that is wrong with government right now. Your inability to recognize or even be aware of Constitutional limits on Federal power is astounding and sickening.


The whole philosophy of this country was that the Federal government could NOT obtain absolute power. The delgation of power to states and the checks and balances among the three branches were meant to keep tyranny at bay.

It’s more than a little frightening that we now have a Federal goverment that doesn’t acknowledge those limitations and places no checks and balances in Washington. Personally, my hope is that we continue to make people like Mr. Stark uncomfortable.

Town Halls are important, people. Show up and talk to your Representatives while they’re home on August recess.

And bring your Flip cam.


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