He's Baaaaack! In Magical Op-Ed, Ralph Peters Takes Another Hard Swing at Fox News

Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, former Fox News analyst, is not done.

Peters burned down the network he’d served as a contributor for with a sensational, scathing letter several weeks ago (as covered by Andrea Ruth here).


In the letter, Peters accused the network of being a propaganda machine for the Trump administration (He ain’t wrong), and said he was embarrassed by his association with them.

Peters took aim at Fox again on Friday, penning an op-ed for the Washington Post.

He asserted that the network “preaches paranoia, attacking processes and institutions vital to our republic and challenging the rule of law.”

Peters said that he remained with the network despite his concerns over its coverage because he “rationalized that I could make a difference by remaining at Fox and speaking honestly.”

“I was wrong,” he added.

What’s more, Peters went on to say that he was purposely kept away from stories that covered Russia, even though, in his words, he was “the one person on the Fox payroll who, trained in Russian studies and the Russian language, had been face to face with Russian intelligence officers in the Kremlin and in far-flung provinces.”

It would seem rather counterproductive of them to keep him out of such conversations, if their goal is to be informative.

“Listening to political hacks with no knowledge of things Russian tell the vast Fox audience that the special counsel’s investigation was a ‘witch hunt,’ while I could not respond, became too much to bear. There is indeed a witch hunt, and it’s led by Fox against [special counsel] Robert Mueller,” he wrote.

I think he’s talking about Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro, guys.


He also had issues with those who have attacked the U.S. intelligence community, and specifically went after whacked out Trump sycophant, Lou Dobbs.

“With my Soviet-studies background, the cult of Trump unnerves me. For our society’s health, no one, not even a president, can be above criticism — or the law,” Peters said.

Well, that used to be the way things worked, but we’re not the same country, anymore, and we’re in a post-conservatism America, obviously.

It’s all about that cult of personality, now.

Fox News fired back, naturally disputing Peters’ claims.

“There is no truth to the notion that Ralph Peters was ‘blocked’ from appearing on the network to talk about the major headlines, including discussing Russia, North Korea and even gun control recently. In fact, he appeared across both networks multiple times in just the past three weeks,” a Fox News spokesperson said in a statement to The Hill.

I haven’t watched Fox in so long, I couldn’t tell if they were accurate, or not.

Either way, I don’t think anyone who knows Peters sees this as out of the ordinary.

Back in 2015 he was put on ice for a bit, after calling then-President Obama a “p***y.”

He does have a way with words.


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