Another "Person of Interest" Being Questioned in the Austin Bombing Case

Officials investigate the scene where a suspect in a series of bombing attacks in Austin blew himself up as authorities closed in, Wednesday, March 21, 2018, in Round Rock, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Who believes Mark Anthony Conditt acted alone?

Conditt was the 23-year old Austin bomber responsible for sending package bombs that killed 2 people and injured 4 more.


To date, there’s no known motive, and the information surrounding Conditt suggests only that he was an otherwise unremarkable citizen, with no criminal history.

Conditt died last week, after detonating a bomb he had in his vehicle, as Texas law enforcement closed in on him.

Conditt also had two roommates, so was there nothing either of them noticed that might have tipped them off to the fact that their roommate was up to no good?

Authorities in Texas don’t buy that anymore than anyone else does, apparently.

Speaking on Fox News on Monday, Texas Rep. Michael McCaul revealed that at least one of those two roommates is being questioned by police as a possible “person of interest.”

“I would say at this point, a person of interest is being questioned,” McCaul told Fox News on Monday.

“If you have knowledge of someone doing something like this, making bombs, and bombing the community and terrorizing the community, you have an obligation, a duty to report that,” McCaul said. “If not, you have knowledge and you’re complicit with the conspiracy. When we talk about ongoing investigation, even though the operation center is wound down at this point, what is continuing at this point is the questioning of the roommate.”


And one or both are bound to have some sort of insight into what was going on in this young man’s life that would lead him to do something so destructive and senseless.

It was reported that a video confession was left behind by Conditt, and that he felt authorities were closing in on him.

McCaul said Conditt showed no remorse on the video, and called himself a psychopath.


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