Suspected Austin Bomber Identified (Video)

He’s not a threat, anymore.

Police have released the name of the suspected Austin bomber, who blew himself up in his car early Wednesday when confronted by law enforcement.


He has been identified as 24-year old Mark Anthony Conditt, a resident of Pflugerville, Texas – about 17 miles away from Austin.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott appeared on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning to give the details.

Abbott told “Fox & Friends” that the unemployed man did not have a criminal record and had not served in the military.

“We don’t know if there are any other bombs out there and, if so, how many or where they may be,” said Abbott, who warned people not to pick up suspicious packages.

“We need to go throughout the day and make sure we rule out whether anybody else was involved in this process,” he added.

They never have a criminal record, until they do.

Conditt lived with two roommates, both of whom are cooperating with the ongoing investigation.


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