The Revenge of Comey: Former FBI Director Gets a Boost This Weekend

The release of former FBI Director James Comey’s book is still a month away. It isn’t scheduled to be released until April 17, but it has already rocketed to the top spot on the Amazon best-sellers list.


Comey’s upcoming book, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership,” made its first appearance on the list at number 15, on Saturday.

In addressing the firing of his former second-in-command at the FBI, Andrew McCabe, Comey tweeted out:

That’s all it took. One tweet, and it was on!

The book zoomed to the number 1 position shortly after that tweet.

Will Comey’s book have the same impact as Michael Wolff’s salacious “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”?

It’s hard to say.

What can be said is that this presidency has people stressed out. It isn’t the wonderful, red-white-and-blue, true patriotic surge that Trump’s ardent base would have you believe. Even many of those in his administration seem more like hostages than active participants in what he’s doing.

And before anybody pulls out their whataboutism script, I’m well aware of people who felt the same way during the Obama years. The difference, however, is that those were pretty much only Republicans.

With Trump, people on both sides of the aisle are concerned, because they have no idea what Trump is going to do next. He signals things that cause the stock market to take a nosedive. He could create an international incident with a tweet. He’s very likely to give away sensitive national secrets to foreign governments, just during the course of bragging about himself.


For whatever treachery Obama represented, he wasn’t mentally defective.

No doubt, Comey has had some experiences with Trump before being fired that many are curious about.

The fired FBI director is expected to use the upcoming book tour to challenge attacks on him and the FBI by Trump and some Republicans.

Perhaps, since the book is doing so well, so early – just as Michael Wolff’s book did – it will get an early release.

In the meantime, expect Trump to become increasingly unhinged, as he realizes Comey is a private citizen now, and he’s under no compulsion to protect the president.


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