Trump's Victory Lap After Russians Indicted Seems Desperate and Out of Place

After news of grand jury indictments against 13 Russians, with charges ranging from wire fraud to identity theft, there were a lot of really bad takes.

Sean Hannity clucked that the news was proof that Russians were helping former President Obama and Hillary Clinton, and that it was somehow tied to the Uranium One deal.


That really was an incredibly dumb stretch.

Then, of course, was President Trump’s take – almost a sure guarantee to be dumb.

Trump has lashed out, insisting that this was proof of his innocence.

If anything, it proves how wrong he was. There was definitely interference. This was not the “Russia hoax,” as he has repeatedly claimed. He’s sent his dancing monkey, Sean Hannity, and a host of other loyalists out to push the same claim, but now they’re trying to spin it back.

OK, there was totally Russian meddling, but that’s it!

That didn’t stop his obsessing over being cleared, during his “executive time” on Saturday.


He wants to change everything he has spent the past year claiming, and hopes nobody will notice.

Yeah. About that…

I’m just going to leave this out there and let people work on the timeline, for themselves.


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