Lawyers Hit Senators Grassley and Graham for Endangering Fusion GPS Employees

Because this is the age of Trumpism, where we’re in the very precarious position of having a cult-like figure as president. His followers are far more rabid in their devotion than anything we ever saw with the mania surrounding the so-called “first black president,” Barack Obama.


And that’s saying something.

Possibly even more frightening than knowing these people are walking the streets among otherwise civil humanity is the fact that some of those devotees are holding government office, and are in a position to determine policy for the nation.

Fusion GPS, the firm contracted to work up the oppo-research dossier on Donald Trump during the election are the latest to feel the consequences of being deemed enemies of the Trump regime.

Lawyers for the firm have written a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, along with Trump’s new golfing buddy, Lindsey Graham, taking the Republican lawmakers to task for releasing names of Fusion GPS employees on the committee’s website, last week.

The names were included in six letters the committee had sent to Fusion GPS, and even though lawyers for the firm had asked that those names be redacted, they were not. Fusion GPS lawyers claim that those employees are now in danger.

“Your office made public, on your official website, six letters requesting documents related to a number of individuals, including employees of our client Fusion GPS, even after we had requested – in writing – that the names of employees not be disclosed to the public because of well-founded concerns about their public safety,” the lawyers write.

“Ignoring our requests, your office knowingly put these people in danger, by releasing their names to the public,” the letter reads. “These leaks are unauthorized and unethical.”


These are valid concerns.

Anybody who has so much as questioned Trump has seen the backlash, some of it even raising to the level of death threats.

Trust me on this one. I know.

A man with at least an interest in neo-Nazi idealism was recently arrested for making multiple threats to CNN, citing them as “fake news.”

Trump has repeatedly attacked CNN as “fake news,” and has even promoted gif images of himself as the aggressor, attacking a figure with the CNN logo over the face.

In this whole, big, wide world, you don’t think there are nuts who would take that imagery and run with it as a dictate from their idol?

The Fusion GPS lawyers went on:

“Some of these employees are not yet 30 years old. Others have children. We also hope that nothing happens to these good people, simply because of your office’s labored efforts to defend this president or please the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal.”

And I also know all too well, from experience, that there are some who will pretend that we live in the most peaceful and just period of our existence, thanks to the emergence of Trump as ruler, and because of that, will scoff at the notion of violence done in his name.


However, here in the real world, we’ve seen it happen. We’ve experienced the threats from those who feel any violence in the course of protecting Trump is the same as fighting to protect our nation.

There is nothing sane, rational, or decent about releasing those names to the public, no matter what you think of the dossier.

Shame on Senators Grassley and Graham for putting people at risk.


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