Andrew McCabe to Retire and Trump Plays Mean Girl on Social Media

I can’t say I blame the guy, actually.

The news today is that Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe is throwing up his hands and getting out.

As partisan Republicans do Trump’s dirty work and heap attacks on the FBI, McCabe has decided that springtime would be a great time to just retire. He’s expected to hang in until March, when his pension kicks in, then he’s leaving the bureau to whatever Trump loyalist wants to take on the headache.


Of course, the man-baby in charge couldn’t just let the news pass. He had to get his tiny hands on his phone and start tweeting.

Yeah. Don’t let the idiocy of that tweet trip you up. McCabe wasn’t given $700,000. His wife, who was running for Virginia state Senate in 2015 got a few thousand in contributions from a Democrat political PAC led by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

His wife. For her campaign. NOT McCabe.

Not really racing the clock. That term means he’s trying to finish before time runs out. That’s not how the pension thing works. He can’t “race the clock.” He’s got to just go by the clock and do his time, then he’s finished.


Whoever has been handling Trump’s Twitter account for the last few days is apparently on Christmas vacation.

Trump actually interviewed McCabe to be the director of the FBI, after firing Comey. Did he not know the man’s wife ran for office in Virginia or received thousands in donations from a Democrat PAC before letting the man come in and be interviewed?

The irony is that several years ago, Trump probably would have gladly donated to her campaign, himself.



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