Watch This Heroic Effort in the Middle of the California Wildfire (Video)

For starters, let’s all remember to keep California in our prayers, as they once again find themselves struggling with out of control wildfires.

I was actually thinking about that this morning. Not only are there homes and other properties in the path of destruction, but what about the wildlife? What happens to the deer, squirrels and other woodland beasts?


I don’t like to think about it. I don’t like to think about how panicked they must feel.

This morning, Reuters tweeted out a short video clip of one brave man taking the time to look after the least of these.

It’s worth checking out, just to see that bit of compassion in the middle of such a gut-wrenching catastrophe.

Watch as he desperately attempts to save one scared little bunny.

As Ben Howe said: This man can date any woman in America, now.


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