Watch Sarah Huckabee-Sanders Accuse Sexual Assault Accusers of Being Liars

With all the talk of powerful men using their positions to gain access to women, then using that access to sexual harass or abuse those women, it’s a good time to look back a year ago and consider all the women who claimed then that nominee Trump had acted inappropriately with them.


But first, a word from behind the gates of the Branch Trumpidian compound:

Ok, Sparky. More than a dozen women came forward after the release of the “Access Hollywood” audio, where Trump boasted of his ability to grab women by their genitals, simply because he was a “star.”

First of all, sexual harassment and sexual assault is a serious deal. The pain it can cause is not to be discounted, offhand.

And one thing we don’t do is call victims liars.

Can you question them?


Can you doubt?


But until you have all the facts, you don’t call them liars.

That is, unless you’re part of this administration, then you make calling people liars a priority.


I’ll go ahead and say that it’s likely that some of them weren’t giving the full story. I remember several of those stories that seemed as flakey as the stories of the three women who are trying to get noticed by accusing George H.W. Bush of taking liberties.

But for the White House to take an “official” position that all the women are liars?

Not cool, and likely, not the last we will hear about this press conference.


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