Trump's Early Morning Retweet Shows He Just Doesn't Get It

He doesn’t get it. No matter how many words are crafted onto a teleprompter for him, that does not change the fact that he has no idea what they mean or why he’s saying them.


I’m speaking of Trump’s Monday condemnation of white nationalists, after a weekend “Unite the Right” rally went horribly wrong, and one doughy wannabe-Nazi plowed through a crowd of counter-protesters, injuring 19 and killing one woman.

It took the president several days to finally be convinced that he should condemn the ideology of racial and ethnic hatred by name. Even then, he attempted to overshadow the message by insisting on kicking off his Monday statements with a bit of boasting about the economy – not what people needed to hear, first.

To illustrate my point that he doesn’t get it, the Tweeter-in-Chief took to Twitter again on Tuesday morning, and like the 13-year old “mean girl” he equates to on an emotional level, he retweets an unfortunate image: A train labeled, “Trump” smashing into a person.

Let’s recap: Two days ago, a human life was lost after a Trump supporter (and let’s not kid ourselves that Fields was a Hillary supporter) slammed a car into a crowd, and today, Trump is promoting similar imagery.


I guess for some it will be made ok, since the person being hit by a train has the CNN logo over his face, or that it’s just an illustration and not an actual photo image.

No. It’s not ok. Things are raw, right now, and it is no time for the so-called president to be exacerbating the situation, in any way.

Someone apparently got to him and he took the retweet down, but many saw it, and the message was received.

Our president has no heart for the turmoil that is threatening to rip our nation apart, right now. He is not a uniter. He’s as divisive as the president we just got rid of, and I have to wonder how much more we can take.


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