Trump Jr. May Have to Turn Over Emails and Phone Records to Investigators Soon

Donald Trump Jr. isn’t out of the woods, by a long shot.

The recent news that President Trump may have crafted his son’s initial response to questions about the June 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer has only heightened the concerns of Congress.


So concerning, that CBS News is reporting that congressional investigators want phone records and emails pertaining and surrounding that meeting, according to sources.

 And there is also interest in the email accounts of all of those involved in the meeting. In addition to Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort also attended the gathering. A congressional source says “we want all relevant documents” connected to the people in the meeting. Investigators would want to know all that was discussed between the parties, before, during and after the meeting.

Interest in that meeting has increased, a day after the White House confirmed that the President played a role in crafting the initial misleading statement about the meeting.  For weeks Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer and the White House denied that the president had anything to do with the statement which was attributed to Donald Trump Jr.  There was also no effort apparent effort to correct the record.

Everyone in the Trump circle seems to be operating in a culture of dishonesty, and it’s going to cost them.

The meeting, which took place at Trump Tower on June 9, 2016 was set up with the intention of gathering damaging oppo-research on Hillary Clinton.

In emails made public, it was mentioned that this was the Russian government’s efforts to help Trump. Don Jr.’s response was, “I love it.”


He later said that the meeting was just about a canceled adoption program for Russian children, but even if that’s the way it turned, that’s not the reason he agreed to meet with the lawyer, nor the reason he asked Kushner and Manafort to come, as well.

The constant drip-drip of details is making it hard for even allies to step forward and defend.

One former supporter is showing the wear.

When he was asked to respond to the new revelations about the president’s role in producing the statement and about the Trump Tower meeting itself, Idaho Senator James Risch said, “I guarantee you there were phone calls in addition to those emails, and I want to hear all of it before I answer the question you put to me.”

Risch serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee which has an ongoing investigation mirroring the probe underway by the House Intelligence Committee.

The meeting with the Russian lawyer is just the latest in a long line of questionable ties to Moscow for the Trump team.


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