White House Gives Worst Defense of Trump's Twitter Behavior Possible

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is probably worse at her job as Deputy White House Press Secretary than Sean Spicer is as Press Secretary.

When pressed over President Trump’s hateful tweet storm from Thursday morning, where he took shots at MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski, Sanders was not helpful.

At all.

“The only person I see a war on is this president and everybody that works for him,” she said. “I don’t think you can expect someone to be personally attacked, day after day, minute by minute, and sit back. The American people elected a fighter.”

Sanders said Trump shows the dignity of his office “every day in the decisions he’s making, the focus and the priorities he’s laid out in his agenda.

“He’s not going to sit back and be attacked by the liberal media, Hollywood elites and when they hit him, he’s going to hit back,” she said.

He’s a fighter!

How long and how much embarrassment must we slog through before we stop using that as a legitimate excuse?

Was it ever a legitimate excuse?

I’m going to say no. It’s not.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have condemned the president’s remarks. You can certainly expect to hear these remarks used throughout the 2018 midterm election season.

Trump continues to write the left’s attack ads for them.

Republicans would be wise to make their stands against such behavior vocal and decisive. There will come a time when the stench of this administration will rub off on every Republican representative down the ladder.

Female GOP members should be especially perturbed.

Kansas Republican Rep. Lynn Jenkins tweeted Thursday that Trump’s comments were “not okay,” adding that “we should be working to empower women.”

Sanders, not to be outdone or dissuaded, powered on with her excuses.

“Everybody wants to make this an attack on a woman — what about the constant attacks that he receives or the rest of us?” she said.

“I’m a woman, I’ve been attacked by that show multiple times but I don’t cry foul because of it.”

Then how much more above the fray should the president be? That’s kind of the point.

When another reporter followed up by asking if Sanders felt that the tweet set a good example for her children, she deflected by saying that God is the “one perfect role model.”

Well, we usually speak His name and say Jesus is the one perfect role model. I can see being raised by a Baptist minister really left an impression.

“The media’s focus on priorities don’t line up with the rest of America,” she said. “America is winning and that is what we like to talk about, but you guys constantly ignore that narrative.”

Did she seriously say priorities aren’t what America wants to hear about, and then blamed the media for not chasing the White House rabbits into oblivion?

Hard to say, but I don’t think she thought that one out, too well.

Seriously, where is Sean Spicer, today?


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