According to "Morning Joe" We've Got A New President

In this Jan. 31, 2017, photo, Steve Bannon, chief White House strategist to President Donald Trump, left, and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus stand in the East Room of the White House in Washington before President Donald Trump arrived to announce Judge Neil Gorsuch as his nominee for the Supreme Court. The Trump administration is playing down the significance of a National Security Council restructuring. But the president is treading new ground in making Bannon a regular at NSC meetings. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

One of the very few good decisions I expect to see out of Donald Trump is the decision to pull out of the disastrous Paris Climate Agreement.

The idea that our nation’s economy should be held hostage by – weather – was a little much for me to wrap my brain around.


The whole climate change (weather) thing is one of those golden calf issues of the left, much like abortion, and the newest wacky idea that gender is fluid.

With the announcement done and a bit of overnight marinating, some are saying Trump’s decision was directly influenced by Steve Bannon, and against the wishes of Ivanka Trump and senior adviser/son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Remember me saying something about Bannon getting his groove back, while Kushner’s troubles were causing him to lose favor with Daddy-in-law?

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough took it a bit further this morning, and has declared Steve Bannon the new president.

“What we saw yesterday is Time Magazine was right,” Scarborough said on MSNBC. “Steve Bannon is president of the United States. He has gone in. Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about policy. Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about policy. Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about anything. He can’t get up and give a good speech.

“You listen to him talk about any topic, and he wanders from sentence to sentence to sentence,” Scarborough continued. “So Steve Bannon is now president of the United States, and that was more clear yesterday than ever before.”


At one time, it was reported that Trump was having some issues with his chief strategist, due to the attention Bannon was getting. That was compounded by other stories that suggested that Jared Kushner was using his oversized influence to nudge Trump away from Bannon – much to the outrage of Trump’s alt-right base.

When Bannon got the Time Magazine cover, some were saying that was just about the last straw for Trump, who felt they were giving Bannon top billing.

So if Scarborough and some of the other talking heads are correct in their assessment and this was Bannon’s influence at work, then kudos to Bannon.

And you’re very unlikely to get that from me again, so enjoy it.


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