Trump Having Stamina Issues Abroad

Let’s face it… Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump… they were both too darned old to be running for the presidency.

Trump slammed Clinton for her lack of stamina. Then he had that weird guy that’s supposed to be his doctor come out with a hastily written letter, saying he would be the healthiest president ever.


Maybe not so much, and maybe, if he had his druthers, Trump would rather be back in the States, propped up in an easy chair, next to Hillary, trading war stories.

This is President Trump’s first trip abroad. He’s only a third through, and apparently, his 70-year old body is not responding well.

The trip was to be nine days. He left on Friday, and some took notice of his speech today. His script had him saying “Islamic extremism.” He said, “Islamist extremism.”

I know. It seems like a really small thing, but it was noticed, enough so that reporters asked.

The answer that they got from White House officials is that he is exhausted.

That’s not unusual. He’s dealing with a tight schedule, time zone change, the long travel. I’m tired just thinking about it.


It also may have something to do with just how far out of his comfort zone he really is.

Trump is notorious for preferring his own bed, and would often fly home immediately after his rallies during the primaries.

After the speech, Trump reportedly canceled his appearance at the Tweeps Forum. Ivanka Trump filled in for her father, speaking to about 400 people at the event.

The travel involved with being the president can grate on the well-being of men much younger than Trump. We’ve all seen it, if we’ve paid attention.

How this trip has to be adjusted, in order to accommodate our septuagenarian president could set the pace for how trips abroad are carried out in the future.

I’m guessing he starts sending Jared Kushner on a lot more trips.


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