Remember John Kasich? He Told You So

Aaahhh… Governor John Kasich.

I had a lot of fun at John Kasich’s expense during the last leg of the primaries. I made him the target for a lot of ridicule, because the man refused to back out of the race, even though his numbers were abysmal and he had no chance for success.


We all know why he didn’t leave. He was hoping a contested convention would get him the nomination.

It was a gamble on his part that didn’t pay off.

Unlike the other Republican candidates, however, Kasich refused to concede and lay his arms down at the feet of Trump.

He would not endorse, and he would not attend the GOP convention in July 2016 to pay homage to the disturbing new face of the party.

To be fair, neither did Jeb Bush.

Who knew the two candidates from the treacherous 2016 GOP primary race to emerge with their souls still intact would be Kasich and Jeb Bush?

Kasich reemerged last night on CNN, in a debate absolutely nobody was looking for, between he and Senator Bernie Sanders.

Of course, Trump and the scandal that follows him became a topic.

This was Kasich’s “I told you so” moment.

Kasich told the town hall audience that the current maelstrom is the very reason he would not endorse Trump after the primaries, nor would he allow himself to be made complicit by showing up at the convention.

Is this arrogance on Kasich’s part?

Probably. So what?

At this point, he’s earned the right.

A lot of us “told you so.”


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